Weigh loss success story: How I lost 34KG

New jobs in health prompted Lauren to overhaul their lifestyle and regain good health.Weigh loss success story

Starting weight: 112KG Now: 78kg
Contiki trip to New Zealand in January 2011 changed the lives of the Greek. The group she was with had to leave to go skydiving, but because her weight was above the limit of 100 kg, it was not allowed.

“I made an excuse that, skydived before, but inside I was so embarrassed.’s When I stood back and thought,” How did this happen? ”

Grech said that she has always been strong, but this time for five years at the university, she put in 12-hour days and worked two part-time, leaving little time to exercise.

“I knew that gaining weight – my size-16 clothes were tight, and I would like to try on so many meetings and not look good. Looking back, I was totally depressed and constantly tired and sick.”

Asthma Grech returned, and she suffered from lymph (blockage of lymph vessels, which leads to swelling) and neurological migraine that landed her in the hospital. “The doctors could not find a reason, but I would be bedridden for weeks, and nausea.”

Way of life
Starting work in the field of health in 2011, osteopath, Grech noticed her colleagues treated their bodies in different ways.

“These people were swimming and running and doing triathlons, and I realized that I could not do any of that. I needed to be the promotion of a healthy lifestyle to my clients, too.”

Greek Grilled its employees about their eating habits and implementation and they encouraged her to get healthy. It started with a 45-minute walk, it is clear that it wants the body to move more, so she joined a gym. She places soft drinks and cordial to the water and began to breakfast every day.

One day she was filling her body properly, it began to work as a well oiled machine. If the client is recommended book about eating for your body type it was connected.

“It made sense. I stopped for food, which made me feel good after eating them.”

As a reward weight loss
The biggest change occurred in two weeks, when Grech said that she was not tired anymore. This gave her more energy for work, so her visit to the gym and walked a couple of months later, she realized that her health was less of a concern.

“There was a time when my leg is so swollen lymph I had to wear thongs all the time. I noticed the decline immediately after a workout, and within six months she was not there at all.”

Today it is no longer necessary to use an asthma puffer, and she can not remember the last time she had a migraine.

“I do not understand that I can not breathe … my body was calling for help, giving me my health problems. Now I love feeding my body healthy food, how it responds so well. Today, my body has to move, or is it needs a day off, I’m listening. “

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