Top Exquisite Holiday Nail Art Design & Creative Christmas Nail Designs

As the holiday season is just days away, most women and even teens are busy in finding suitable equipment, jewelry, shoes and more. While doing this, do not forget to visit the hot spots of the way to solve the art design chic and elegant nails to flaunt her nails into the holiday season. Celebrating each event with hunky dory earrings fingernails now becomes an ultimate fashion statement.

Top Exquisite Holiday Nail Art Design

Top  Exquisite Holiday Nail Art Design

Women love the sport of Nail Art Design for festive occasions. These exquisite nails are really admired by all of us. Given the growing popularity of nail art designs, here we have shown exquisite design nail art holiday. Scroll down and choose the best for you.

Top Exquisite Holiday Nail Art Design

1. Christmas Candy Nail Art

Nail art candy is very popular among women thanks to its combination of fascinating colors. The use of this style in the festive holiday is actually a good idea. To bring an innovation based on the winter holidays, you can use the little snow flake decal designs with candy cane. The addition of small white dots with bright nail polish is the absolute way to create a snow effect. Do not forget wearing transparent top coat for extra shine.

Top Exquisite Holiday Nail Art Design

2. Reindeers and Snowflakes Christmas brew Nails

The red and white always looks great. Sporting this cute combination for winter holiday event or Christmas Party is a super cool idea. Rejecting the simple red and white dotted manicure, take a modernism in it. After painting all nails with nail polish bright red color, make a zigzag white line in the center of each nail, leaving nails ring finger and thumb. Now draw a reindeer in miniatures and a cute flower on the nail of the middle finger using white enamel. Put small dots of bright enamel snowflakes. Apply top coat at the end.

Top Exquisite Holiday Nail Art Design

3. Bunny Easter Nails with Black Magic

If you want to try something special this season, then try the nail art cute bunny with black magic. Use a black polish on all nails as a base, then apply rainbow colored tape striping on the tips of the nail, leaving nails thumb and ring finger. These nails, draw a picture of this bunny using white acrylic paint with acrylic brush special assistance. Now that the inside of the bunny ears.

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