Paul Walker Movie Hours Slated for Release Two Weeks After Sudden Death

Paul Walker was love to do just one thing and that was “Acting” and thats the thing he do even till the end of his life as he was on the way toward his shooting for the new installment of his blockbuster movie Fast and Furious when his car has an tragic accident which cause his death. He was Just 40 at the time of his death and was always busy in his profession which was again acting. He is not among us but his work in the different movies especially in the Fast and Furious series will always remain alive in the heart of his fans. Well, not the biggest question is that what is the future of Fast and Furious nest part.Paul Walker Movie Hours Slated for Release Two Weeks After Sudden Death

On Sunday Night where the 40 years old Paul Walker (Late) has made the people sad all the people are also worried that what happened with the new edition of the Fast and Furious movie series as he was busy in the shooting of its 7th edition and he is one of the main characters of the movie. Some of the sources which are concerned with the movie has reported that the movie will be continued but not of the cast and crew member was known of the thing that how they will carry on without Paul Walker who has already shoot some of the scenes of the movie.

The actor unfortunately perished on Nov. 30 in Santa Clarita, Calif. after the Porsche GT he was riding in struck a pole and a tree. His Friends and family say that we may not meet him or even see him again in our life but the best way to feel him beside and among us ai through the element which he have provided to us in his career. His sudden death has made the people sad and the his co star in the fast and furious movie want to pay him honor through the movie.

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