Party Season Glittery Purple Smokey Eye Make-up Tutorial

Today I’m doing Smokey Purple and gold eye makeup tutorial using MAC eye shadows. It is a soft wearable Smokey eyes can be worn with western as well as ethnic wear.1 Makeup tips and trends for fall,Tutorial purple eye makeup and Party Pink and Pretty Purple Eye Makeup Tutorial

I created a festive, bright purple eyes Smokey, for the party season and beyond. This wearable evening look, inspired by the look that I created a lovely Lara Stone for the company Tom Ford. I paired it with a beautiful dark lips rose, and the same 70’s style rosy as you can wear it!1 Purple Eyeshadow for Brown Eyes,Tips For Purple Eye Makeup,Pink And Purple Eye Makeup

As a general rule, if you’re going to all with your eyes, I always recommend to play down your lips and vice versa. But if you really want to add a red lip to this view, I say go for it!1 Tips For Purple Eye Makeup,Pink And Purple Eye Makeup

How to wear purple smoky eyeshadow 5 Step

1.Wet on Wet Eyeshadow Technique

Here, Emily starts with a base layer of silver-white eye shadow from Studio ® ™ Color Plush Silk Eyeshadow in Purple Icon. To recreate at home, just apply color using a small, flat brush from lash line to brow bone. Then the high-impact look and great color saturation, wet your brush.

2.How to Apply Dark Eye Makeup

Dip a wet brush on the darkest color in the palette and start lining the eyes close to the lashes, lining shape of the eye. Pull the line beyond the outer corner for a more dramatic effect. Then apply a second dark shade of purple above, filling in the cover from the midpoint to the outer corner.

3.Apply Matte In Crease eye makeup

Then, move to a more matte shade of lavender and fill in the rest of the top cover, moving from the inner corner to the middle of the eye. Continue wetting the brush as you go along, giving you more intensity and contrast.

4.Layer and Intensify eye makeup

Brush silver-white shade over the lid of the eyebrow to the final high contrast Highlight. Then, re-colored, dry, bringing shiny particles in the shadows on the surface and provides a super-shiny texture. To soften the edges as you go with a dry brush, stirring. To further define the line a darker color under the eye with a wet brush.

5.Easy Eye Makeup Looks for Day and Evening

On the frame eye lashes thick coat XXL 24HR ™ Mascara in very black, sweeping the basic coverage from root to tip. Before layer not covering sweep along the length and volume. Coat gloss on the lips completes the look!

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