How to Look Glamorous at Christmas Parties with Smokey Eyes

Today where everything has gone developed in the fashion world so the trends of the makeup are also getting very famous that is the reason that the women are demanding more and more from the fashion experts so they rush toward salon and beauty parlours to get the best makeup style on their face just according to the occasion and their face cut.Smokey Eye Makeup For Brown Eyes,Purple Smokey Eyes for Prom Video Tutorial

Well, while doing make some of the things are considered very important for the women and eye makeup is one of them that is why they always pays a special importance to the eye make up that it can enhance their personality.Prom 2013 Makeup Tutorial - Purple Smokey eyes - YouTube,Pink and Purple Prom or Party Smokey Eye Makeup Tutorial

Here i am going to let you people especially women know about some of the important tips which can help you during the eye makeup and which can also make your eyes look even more better. As we know that women like to have a perfect eye makeup and for this sake they consult to the experts but following some of the simple tips I am sure you can get the best Eye Make up at you home. First of all you have to be careful about the color which you are going to apply on your face the color of the makeup must not be odd as it can affect your personality in the bad manners.HOW TO GREEN SMOKEY EYE TUTORIAL - YouTube,How to do smokey eyes for green eyes step-by-step

Than you must also be careful about applying the eyeliner that while applying eyeliner you must not open your eye wide and it should be applied only on the tips of the eyes lashed. And the color of Mascara is also not look less than perfect. If you will keep these thing under your control than you an apply a good makeup on Eye on the beautiful occasion of Christmas.Christmas Inspired Makeup Christmas Makeup Looks Off christmas make up look Christmas Makeup Ideas 2015-16 Christmas makeupOrange and Pink smokey Eye (Makeup Look) - simple makeup tutorial orange and pink smokey eyes - YouTube

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