How to Get Nice Abs As a Woman: 10 Steps (with Pictures)

Anyone can get that beautiful washboard abs with proper nutrition and training. Even girls can have that sexy abs , making the right amount of exercise.Six Pack Abs- Are they even realistic,Most women with 6 pack- not a feminine shape for me

Doing crunches only you do not get ABS, you should reduce total body fat. It is a myth that you can reduce the fat from just one part of your body. General lose fat and then tone the muscles of your abdomen to get abs. Here are tips to get sexy abs :

10 Ways to Get Great Abs if You Are a Girls


Varieties of Cardio Machines and Their Unique Significance1. ‎Cardio: Cardio is a great way to get ABS. Doing cardio registered at least 5 times per week for 30 minutes.

Sit and walk straight: Poor posture of the body will only make you look fat. Tighten your abdominal muscles and go straight.

why you should give up on fast foods and especially hamburgers.2. Give from fast food : If you want to have sexy abs then forgets about the fast – food completely. Back to healthy homemade food instead.

Flat abs slideshow, 9 tips for flat abs3.Work the whole body : Doing crunches alone will not help. Development of strength around your core. Do not overdo it , to observe high quality exercise daily. Add to your cardio workout.
How to diet easy rules to help you lose weight4.Do not skip meals : If you think that starving yourself , you get ABS, you’re wrong. Eat healthy foods and the right to add a lot of protein in your diet.

Best Lower Ab Exercise Workout,Different Types of Exercise Bikes5.Bicycle exercise: exercise bike very toning abdominal muscles. Lie on your back and move your legs as you move your feet on the pedals .

How to Perform Exercise Ball Abdominal Crunch6.Crunches using ball : Crunch also effective in getting sexy abs. For best results, use an exercise ball doing crunches . Sit on the ball , put your hands behind head and feet on the floor and do crunches .

How to do sit ups properly7.Do sit ups : There are at least 3 sets of 10 sit-ups a day, as they work on the core of your body. Make sure to focus on your breathing .Make sure that when doing this exercise, your elbows are always at you

8.Reverse fly: Stand on the machine stand with straight knees , bend your waist back . Repeat this process five times . Works great for core strength .

Do Side Bends Increase the Width of the Waist9.Bend your waist : Stand straight first then bend your waist and touch left toe finger of the right hand and vice versa. This is a fun activity and great for ABS works .

Walk quickly For abs10. Walk quickly : If you are not satisfied with the management then go for a walk. Just walk fast enough so that you can feel the adrenaline rush . Plug in your headset and walk .

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