How to Exercise Safely during 9 Tips Pregnancy| The 13 rules of safe pregnancy exercise

As promised, I’m here to talk about the changes in the later stages of pregnancy and how to look after yourself during this important but beautiful phase of your life .

How to Exercise Safely during 9 Tips Pregnancy|

Exercise Safely During Pregnancy

Earlier, I talked about the sudden changes that occur during the initial trimester of pregnancy. By the end of the second trimester , many mothers have certain changes include excessive weight gain , heart burn heavy , skin diseases , etc. Let’s talk about them one by one.

Tips Healthy Post-Baby Weight Loss,Weight gain during pregnancy linked to child obesity

1.Weight gain during pregnancy :

As you progress , our body tends to accumulate on some extra pounds. Adding 20-25 pounds in a month, it seems terrible Initially however , we must always keep in mind that we will lose most of this kilogram at birth or within a few weeks after birth. So it ‘s okay to be like sparkling chubby ..  average weight gain during pregnancy, as expected , about 25 to 30 pounds.

If you were of average weight before pregnancy , it is the weight gain , it seems best to cherish you and your growing baby . Mothers who are underweight before pregnancy can receive from 28 to 40 pounds. Women carry the twins can get as much as 45 kg . In addition , mothers who are very overweight should limit their weight to 15-25 kg . 15 pounds must be smaller than the weight for each pregnant women.

I remember when I started my pregnancy from 110 pounds and ended up getting 154 pounds , I’m 5’7 ” and according to my doctor I was all during my pregnancy . I almost lost half pound until aadya born and process further, to get back to the form so far .

Weight Gain During Pregnancy, Pregnancy weight gain linked to childhood obesity

How to take care of prey weight gain during pregnancy :

In the final trimester , we must always keep a chart and weigh their weight in a week . In fact, you ‘ll also be weighed in the appointment of a doctor every time. As per my knowledge , we should not get more than 1-1.5 pounds every week until the end of the 8th month. If we are still gaining pounds and pounds then we can ask our doctors and make suggestions for foods that we can eat in large portions and still have not got the heavy pounds last month. It is good to include more liquid and roughage in our daily diet that will help us in keeping fit . It is best to maintain the schedule walking for half an hour in the morning and evening, as the ease in the body. Even our old saying that if we are more active during pregnancy than we are able to release from postnatal phase very quickly. So keep on going and be active while improving your body an hour from time to time.

How to Sleep During Pregnancy,10 Most Distressing Effects Of Pregnancy Hormones Third Trimester

2.Frequent urination during pregnancy :

The need to urinate frequently very often in the early stages of pregnancy and last week as well. However, many of us are affected by this issue are mainly late stage , as our uterus expands , and this puts extra pressure on our bladder leads to frequent peeing .

How to take care of frequent urination during pregnancy

How to take care of frequent urination during pregnancy :

Well there is no other way to get out of this situation , except to urinate . We should never try to control our desire to urinate in any case, while expected, and note that after the birth, we have to keep the bladder empty otherwise it will delay the return of the uterus to its original shape . We should not try to control our urine to drink less liquid , our child needs us to drink at least 2 liters of fluid a day .

How to Treat Heartburn When Pregnant

3.Heartburn During Pregnancy:

Heartburn is another common complaint of expecting mothers . It is a common disorder of the stomach, but it can still be worsening . It is not our heart that burns in fact our stomach is acidic. Our elders is interesting to say that if a child has a lot of hair on his / her head while mothers often suffer from heartburn in recent weeks.

5 Foods That Cause Heartburn During Pregnancy

How to take care of heartburn during pregnancy

We should try to eat smaller portions and stay away from fried, fatty or acidic foods. We should not use baking soda or sodium bicarbonate preparations for our heartburn. Doctors also suggest elevating the head of the bed to encourage the stomach fluids to remain in place. You can try adding a 4 ” books or pillows under your head to pick up a head of time.

Tips to relieve constipation during pregnancy

4.Constipation during pregnancy :

This is a very common problem during pregnancy . This can occur in early pregnancy or later weeks . We should not hesitate to discuss it with our doctor . Drink plenty of fluids is one of the ways to stay away from this issue.

constipation during pregnancy home remedies

How to take care of constipation during pregnancy :

We have to walk or exercise daily meals plenty of fruits and raw vegetables. Before turning on any stool softener or mild laxative in accordance with the advice of your physician is always safe and good to try natural remedies first. You can try including the bran and bran products in your diet. I used to eat 3-4 small bananas every day before going to bed to relieve constipation . It really helped me You can also try eating small bananas every day at any time.

Stages of Pregnancy, Shortness of breath during pregnancy

5.Shortness of breath during pregnancy :

Shortness of breath usually occurs during the last month or two , when the child is big enough to interfere with our breathing muscles . We usually feel this question during a conversation with someone , or sleeping on the bed.

Shortness of breath during pregnancy

How to take care of breathing issue during pregnancy :

We need to slow down our movement and practice deep breathing from the chest , deep breaths will also help us in preparing for the birth of a child in the labor stage. Prop yourself with pillows while sleeping , it will help in getting a sound sleep and relieve breathing problems .

5 simple ways to ease pregnancy back pain

6.Back pain during pregnancy :

In the belly grows , our pelvic bone joints to relax, which can also cause pain in the lower back of ours. Comfortable shoes and a good posture can help, but exercise can deprive him more than anything else . Trust me . Strong muscles can endure more stress without damaging always remember this. By the end of pregnancy, we can feel like a child pushing on a nerve in his back causing discomfort in our lower back.


Exercises for Back Pain During Pregnancy, Back pain in pregnancy Tips

How to take care of back pain during pregnancy :

Get on your hands and knees and let the child to drop the weight of gravity. This will reduce the pressure on his back like a baby shifts and it will give you a lot of back pain relief as well. We need to develop a routine of exercises for your back every day since the beginning of our pregnancy , it helps in relieving from the later editions of pregnancy. I will definitely consider daily exercise routine of walking and if ever I’m planning a second chance.

Sleep tight, fighting insomnia during pregnancy

7.Insomnia During Pregnancy:

At the beginning of our pregnancy , we can be tired and feel like sleeping constantly . However, in late pregnancy, we just wish those days were back . Usually problems with sleep comes from the difficulty to find a comfortable sleeping position . We do not have to sleep on our stomachs right from the start of pregnancy it will help us get rid of the habit of sleeping on your stomach in a later stage. Shortness of breath or heartburn may worsen this question to support themselves during the night.

Insomnia During Pregnancy

How to take care of insomnia during pregnancy :

Implementation of a few hours before going to bed or taking a warm bath can help get a good sleep. I went , and then take a warm bath in my final stage , keeping my head up on the bed, which really helped . It is always important not to drink alcohol , tea or coffee before going to bed , as this will only make your problem worse Try to drink a full glass of warm milk instead. Do not attempt any sleeping pills for insomnia always take into account the opinion of your doctor before switching pills or medications.

Ask your better half , you soft soothing body massage, it will do wonders for you and your couple’s relationship . Try to keep yourself at a later stage, will help alleviate all of your questions , other than getting a sound sleep . Avoid hot baths or saunas during pregnancy . Soaking feet quite good , but avoid the whole body immersion in water of more than 100 degrees for prolonged periods of time.

Skin Changes During Pregnancy

8.Skin changes during pregnancy :

Many mothers worry about the changes in the color of their skin , but they are very common. Changes in hormone levels are probably the cause of most skin discoloration , but they usually go away or disappear rapidly after birth. Your skin can just see the ” flushed ” as you blushing or if you have pale skin you may develop a brownish markings on the face. Some of the mothers get a dark line down the middle abdomen, where the skin darkens from the navel to the pubic area , known as “black Linea”.

Sometimes these changes are good for the skin , like acne can actually be helped , in some cases , or they might aggravate the situation in the worst case. I wonder what our elders usually say that a mother to look more beautiful and skin changes are favorable, if we hold gallon baby and the mother looks pale , or in the case of the terrible boy. Well strangely my skin was really big and glowing during Aadya my daughter .

How to care for your skin changes during pregnancy

We always have our skin moisturized with a good moisturizer. Try using a homemade mask , natural or drugs in normal skin conditions like dryness , acne or redness of the face. Take proper sleep 10-12 hours and rest when your body requires. If you are working and eating well , then the problem is not going to hurt you more trust me .

9.Vaginal discharge during pregnancy

You may notice an increase in vaginal discharge during pregnancy. Those mucous secretions derived from the cervix in response to the hormones of pregnancy. All this is quite normal and there is not much that can be done to change the situation. Many women seem to get yeast or other infections that require treatment during pregnancy, but they are not thought to be harmful to the child.

How to take care of vaginal discharge during pregnancy

Keep the pelvic area clean and dry all the time. You do not need to shower or use soap on the vaginal area. Avoid using tampons use pads instead of easy to get rid of the irritation caused by vaginal discharge.

There are several issues that will be discussed in the next chapter, which is the continuation of the post. I hope you liked my effort and please do not forget to share your knowledge and questions about pregnancy, if I missed any important lines. Tell me how you liked girls.

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