Good and Different Types Foods for Women’s Weight Loss

Find out here about each of the three body types – endomorph, mesomorph and ectomorph – you do not need a test body type!
These are the most common male and female body types when it comes to gaining and losing weight.Fast Lose Weight, Home Remedies and Simple Tricks Can Help You Lose Inches Safely

Not only do you find out what your immediately without a trial body type, but you will also find practical tips for your ideal eating plan and exercise routine to lose weight fast and keep the weight off.Home Remedies For Weight Loss Fast,Weight Loss Injections to Help You Losing Weight Fast

Of the three body types , endomorphs are the “fat retainers .” As an endomorph you will always struggle to lose weight, and they will have to pay much more attention to what you eat and how you exercise , because you are genetically predisposed to store fat easily .Home Remedies and Simple Tricks Can Help You Lose Inches Safely,Getting Started on the Maintenance Food Lovers Diet Plan

I know that. It is incredibly difficult, it seems quite unfair … The good news is that with proper diet and body type of workout you can get as lean as you want to be in shape 🙂 Famous endomorphs are Jennifer Lopez , Oprah Winfrey, Kate Winslet , Cindy Crawford.Simple Home Recipe To Lose Weight Tips,Awesome Weight Loss Tips You Cannot Miss

Bone frame : usually more difficult to build with short limbs and large joints , wide hips and shoulders ;

Soft tissues tend to naturally well covered with fat , even slightly overweight women are more soft and sinuous , with a very feminine aspect .

Metabolism: led , low energy , fat stores easily and keeps him more than all the other types of the body retains fluids easily.

Temperament : caring, patient , tolerant, extroverted , highly nutritious , like comfort (even luxury) , good food and be with people.

The ideal body type diet to lose weight : avoid (even better , eliminate ) all sugar (including all fruit except berries) and simple carbohydrates ( sweets , and white flour products and pasta , white rice , potatoes ) because they cause a rapid increase your blood sugar level , which in turn causes the release of insulin , hormones fat storage .

Your meal plan for weight loss should be up to 30 % complex carbohydrates ( starchy vegetables , brown rice , whole grain) , about 45% of high-quality protein (chicken / turkey , lean beef , whey protein ) and about 25 % of healthy fats : omega 3 sources ( fish , seafood ), and especially coconut oil, which helps to increase your sluggish metabolism .

To keep your metabolism up, be sure to share your daily meals into smaller portions so that you have something to eat every 2-3 hours comfortably . Also, do not end your meal feeling full.

Strength training : tone your muscle mass at least 3-4 times a week at a higher intensity to keep your metabolism high and your body shape . The most effective interval training workouts for weight loss. If you are a woman , consider the curves workout centers – it is not only to provide the right training for you, but also the motivation and pleasure from working with a friendly group of health -minded women.

Aerobic exercise: as an endomorph you need more cardio than other types of the body to burn fat and keep it off, and do at least 45 minutes of high-intensity aerobics 5-6 times a week, preferably in the morning to boost your metabolism up to the end of the day .
In addition , to become more active during the day – you really have to be in motion in order to keep your metabolism and burn calories.

If your body type , basically, endomorphic , you probably hate any type of exercise or strenuous physical activity. However, keep in mind that of all three body types for endomorphs diet alone is never enough to lose weight, get rid of it and catch up . Slow your metabolic rate should be increased sequentially from both strength training and aerobic exercise .

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