Exercising only 12 minutes per week keeps you fit?

Only twelve minutes of exercise each week is enough to stay fit, according to a new study in PLOS One. If you run three times a week for three minutes on a treadmill or in the countryside, but faster and stronger intensity, you have no reason to worry about the health and weight. It will be enough to stay in shape, the scientists found.

Exercising only 12 minutes per week keeps you fit?

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In the study, conducted in Norway, participated obese volunteers who were subjected to this regime ten weeks. The results were extraordinary. Blood pressure of obese people are stabilized, and the level of blood sugar, also reduced their cholesterol levels.12 Minute Killer Workout

Scientists have pointed out that all people, even those who are lazy or do not have enough time, they can set aside 12 minutes a week for myself and so way to improve the condition of the body, preserve health, maintain weight or lose weight and reduce the risk of heart disease.

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