DIY Christmas and Festive Nail Art Designs

DIY Christmas and Festive Nail Art Designs, Adding a touch of glamor or fun to party with a set of nail art-it-yourself. With a few supplies and some easy to follow, step-by-step, anyone can create professional-looking manicure at home, without the expense of a salon visit.

Christmas and Festive Nail Art

DIY Christmas and Festive Nail Art Designs

Three techniques are simple yet magnificent taping 1) cloves, 2) nails accounts, and 3) French manicure with glitter tips. These techniques are easy for beginning nail artists to master, but create a stunning look. Choose colors that complement a particular team, or create a party look that stands on its own, no matter what you wear.

DIY Christmas and Festive Nail Art Designs
Nail art techniques and accessories
Before starting a project of nail art, make sure that all necessary supplies are on hand and easily accessible. Prepare the work area, including the protection of the work surface if necessary.

It is a good idea to store a standard manicure supplies, as an emery board to shape nails before applying nail, an orange stick to repair errors, cotton balls and nail polish remover.

DIY Christmas and Festive Nail Art Designs
Recording nails
Recording nails creates a striking effect, defined. Use ordinary tape to design simple stripes or create blocks of color on the nail. Alternatively, cut patterns on the tape to achieve spectacular flashes or zigzag lines. The finished product looks amazing, despite this basic technique recording.

Apply Color
For starters, apply the base color and let it dry completely, so it does not get the tape. Then cut the tape into the desired shape and applied to the nail, which covers any area you want to remain the base color. For best results, make the lighter color than the base color, unless it contains contrasting color brightness. Apply color contrast and remove the tape while the glaze is still wet.

DIY Christmas and Festive Nail Art Designs

Once the glaze dries, apply top coat. Or, repeat the process with so many colors and designs as you like, allowing the glaze to dry completely between each application. When cutting the tape, make sure it is long enough to ensure easy removal time. Use this technique in the 10 nails, or in a single nail for a more dramatic effect.
Beaded Nails
Sometimes called an egg fish manicure, nails account create a stunning striking appearance. The technique is quick and easy to master, requiring only two layers of nail polish and art supplies nail mini-accounts. Select a single grain color complements or matches the base layer, or a mixture of two or more colors of heel for a different look.

DIY Christmas and Festive Nail Art Designs

Add Coating
Start with a single layer of enamel on the 10 nails. Add the second layer a nail at a time, making sure to cover the entire nail, as the adjustments are out of the question once the grains are applied. Pour the beans on the spot while the glaze is wet, place something on hand for excess grain. .

Apply Accounts
With gentle pressure, push your heels into the wet glaze to set. The top layer is optional with a manicure accounts, and changing the appearance of manicure and may alter the color of the grains. Try both ways to discover personal preferences.

DIY Christmas and Festive Nail Art Designs
French Manicure Glitter-Tipped
Popular opinion of the French manicure is that it gives the wearer a clean, simple and elegant. However, no pop art styles nail more dramatic, especially when the user is attending a party or other occasion. To decorate a “Frenchie”, use a different color to white for the tips, such as a deep red nail polish shine. This technique does not require base layer; start with bare nails.

French manicure guide stickers do achieve that smooth line between the nail and nail tip easily. Use the white polish to direct the placement of French label guide manicure, pressing firmly against the nail. Cover the width of the nail completely so there are no gaps. Paint the tip of the nail with nail shine in the color of your choice. After the glaze dries slowly remove the label guide. Manicure finish with a top coat.

DIY Christmas and Festive Nail Art Designs
How to buy art supplies nail on eBay
Recording nails, nails, and brightness helps create remarkable nail polish. These striking looks are the perfect finishing touch to a costume party. Do it yourself nail art need not be daunting. Following some instructions, including nail art fans can achieve professional results.

Visit eBay to buy all supplies to treat these techniques nail art at home. Enter the string of relevant search and browse through hundreds of nail products, including Poles and nail art supplies. Take a few minutes to review ratings of vendors to ensure a happy shopping experience online.

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