Celebrities Santa Claus inspired Christmas Outfits

Every year December comes with cold atmosphere and a lot of happiness among the people and they get busy in the preparation for the biggest occasion of the year.

Celebrities Santa Claus inspired Christmas Outfits

Katy Perry sits on Santa's lap in new Christmas advert for her perfume Killer Queen Every year on December 25 the occasion of Christmas is being celebrated around the world by the Christian community as a religious occasion. That is why by the start of the December people get even more busy to welcome the occasion of Christmas and the celebration of Christmas and as always this year again the people are showing their extreme joy and happiness even during the shopping for the Christmas. Here I am going to let you see some of the celebrities who are expressing their happiness and joy about the most happiest and biggest occasion of the year.Selena Gomez in Santa Claus Costume

So lets have a look over the costumes of the celebrities which they wear may be for two reason in which first is as always to enjoy the attention of the people and the second one is to celebrate the beautiful occasion with extreme happiness. You can see that some of the celebrities has worn the outfits which are very much resembled to the outfit of the Santa Claus with same color and cuts. And even some of the celebrities have worn the dresses which are resembling to the other thing which are also concern with the Christmas day in any manners. Katy Perry has worn a Santa Claus Dress and on the other side you can also see her in the snowman dress which is also a big character which is concern with that particular day.Mariah Carey upstages Santa in TWO revealing outfits at Rockefeller Christmas Tree Lighting performance

Other than her you can also see that many of the other Hollywood celebrities are also wearing other costumes which are resemble to the Christmas outfits. So lets have a look over them it may also help you to design your own outfit and costume for the Christmas occasion.but-what-are-you-going-to-wear-under-that-dress4 christmas-new-year-party-nightclub-party-sexy-baby-halter-neck-low-v-sexy-gymnodinium-backpack-ischiadica-dress christmas-party-dresses-australia discount-red-cocktail-dresses-evening-dresses-party-dress sexy-low-cut-open-back-fitted-dress-prom-party-cocktail sexy-low-cut-open-back-fitted-dress-prom-party-cocktail1Julia Morris gets into the festive spirit as she cuddles up to Santa and spreads Christmas cheer in new Westfield campaignJessica Lowndes and Lea Michele Goes Sexy Santa Claus CostumeMariah Carey glittered in a red and silver tulle dress as she took Katy Perry in Santa Claus Costume

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