Beauty of the Eyes Through Make Up

Eyes show the beauty of the face it blessing of God.  Flashing and broad eyes are expansive treasure of a women and these eyes saye every thing befor speaking.Beautiful eyes become more shinefull and broad with the use of Make up.

Eye Shadow play main role in the world of the fashion. Eye shadow use at the end of the mascara and eyelines.If your eyes beautiful give them apparant look.And try to avoide the eyelines in day because in the light of the sun your make up look very dark which left bad empact on the beauty of the face.

Eye Makeup Tips:-

First of all you need a full knowledge of eye makeup applications and the stuff related to eye makeup. Lack of knowledge in this regard may distract your personality & out look.

Eye shadow is the essential part of eye makeup. Before doing eye makeup you should have to wear the right eye shadow. First apply primary color as this is the color you will stand out the most. After that, apply the lighter or secondary color above it and below the brow.

Eyeliner is the next step. Apply eyeliner with a smooth hand to create a perfect look. There is a lot of eyeliner available in the market. You can buy one as per your choice and your skin tone. Start doing eye lining at the inside corner, and work your way to the outside.

Mascara is another essential step. To make your lashes outstanding, us an eye lash curler.
Pack your eyes with concelear. You can use it to hide the under eye circles. To cover dark circles apply three dots of concelear under each eye. Never rub with harsh or hard finger as this is the very sensitive skin area of eye.

You can also brighten your eyes with a highlighter. Dab a finger in a light ye shadow and then press it into the inner core of your eyes where the upper lid meets the bottom lid. This totally makes your eyes extra large and extra ordinary beautiful.

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