10 Steps for Creating a Perfect Smoky Eye Look| 10 Smokey Eyes Makeup

Make your eyes look dramatic and pick up your evening look with smoldering Smokey eye in just five minutes. Here is a step -by-step guide to show you how to do Smokey eye makeup at home and surprise your Valentine . This message includes a step -by-step tutorial guide Smokey eye makeup and makeup video tutorial. Read more to do Smokey eye makeup like a pro in just five minutes.Smokey Eye Makeup,ARABIC SMOKEY EYE MAKEUP OVER LOOK

Smokey eye makeup is basically a game of two colors, one darker color feature and easier to maintain color.3 Ways to Get Smoky Eyes With Makeup,Most Popular Smoky Eye Photos

Function shade of brown shades for Smokey eye makeup black or gray , copper , coffee, and brown , as it will give your brown eyes more impact to steal the spotlight.Smokey Royal Blue Eye Makeup Tutorial,Smokey Eyes -- How to Get Smokey Eyes

10 Ways to Get Smoky Eyes With Makeup Tips

Easy Purple Smokey Eye Tutorial,How to do purple smokey eyes,Purple smokey eye pinterest,Purple smokey eye makeup tutorial1.Violet eyes Smokey: Use Mac mineralize shadow ” young punk ” for an incredible dark black and purple Smokey eyes look, and then your favorite high easier.

Eye makeup tutorial for blue eyes,Smokey Eyes Blue,How To Do A Blue Smokey Eye With Binky2.Blue eyes Smokey: for a shimmering blue smokey eye effect ? Try the Mac mineralize shadow ” blue flame ” for the deep blue and black smoky eyes effect .

Green Smoky Eye,Green Smokey Eye Make Up Tutorial YouTube,3 Ways to Get Smoky Eyes With Makeup,Smokey eye makeup tutorial for green eyes3.Green Smokey Eye : your favorite shade of green with a bit of black on the corners and brown on the crease can create a closer look for those with brown eyes .

Royal Blue & Black Smokey Eyes Tutorial,Makeup Tutorial Royal Blue Smokey Eyes - YouTube4.Royal Smokey eyes : apply eye shadow to your lid black all over. Then add your favorite gold in the crease blending into the eyes and line your lower eyelid , and for big black – gold royal smokey eye effect .

QUICK EASY Natural smokey eyes - YouTube,10 Steps for Creating a Perfect Smoky Eye Look5.Natural Smokey eyes : Apply your favorite neutral shade . Then, on the outer edge of the eye to use a thin liner pencil to create a wing. Finally , blend the wing and smudge it to the corners of the eyes to create a natural eye enhance the effect of smoking.

Subtle Red Smoky Eye Tutorial,Professional Makeup and Beauty Tips, Reviews and Tutorials6.Red Smokey eyes : apply your favorite shade of red , as well as your black eyeliner on the edge of the eye blending inwards to create a beautiful red and black smoky eye.

Party Makeup Metallic Smoky Eye,Holiday Silver Smokey Eye with Glitter - YouTube,3 Ways to Get Smoky Eyes With Makeup7.Silver Smokey eyes: apply a silver base with a lid and add the black in the corners of mixing it up inside. Line of your lower lash line with a silver eyeliner to enhance the twinkle in his eyes.

Gold Glitter Smokey Eye Tutorial,Eye-Makeup Tutorials & Ideas,How to do golden smokey eye makeup8.Golden Eye Smokey: apply the ” gold mine” for Mac to your eyelid and add black and gray pigments and blend slightly outward to create a dramatic effect Smokey eyes.

Pink Smokey Eye Tutorial For a Romantic Evening - YouTube,Top 10 Smokey Eye makeup Tutorials To Inspire You9.Pink Smokey Eyes : apply on the black lid, folds down from the mix used electric pink create a dramatic increase in highlight and for dramatic and bold pink Smokey eye look .

Aquamarine Mermaid Inspired Smokey Eye Look For YouTube,Top ten Smokey Eyes Makeup Trend10.Aquamarine Smoky Eyes: Apply a light blue shade of aquamarine around the lid. Use only black in the corners and blend into wards. Line the bottom lash line with a blue eyeliner and black smudge on the lower lashline

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