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What is this DUCK BOOTS?

I really wondered what this duck boot is when I first heard about it. Did you? Why is it named so? Well it has a great sense behind. The upper section of the shoes are made using water repellant fabric called, duck cloth canvass and bottom has rubber sole. So it’s quite obvious it’s meant for rainy season and is called as the DUCK BOOT.
Way back these shoes were used as hunting shoes, comfortable to walk on snow and water. This shoe is first invented in 1912 by Leonwood Bean. He used a very interesting strategy to introduce his shoes to the mass. The very first lot of the shoes produced was handed over to his customers with a return back policy/ exchange policy. Unfortunately the first lot was not that big a success, though many customers bought the shoes, but were returned back due to non satisfaction. On this he reworked and dispatched a fresh lot to the customer’s back, which was a boom. His count for lovers kept increasing and its 100 years now that the duck book shoes are back in vogue with full swing. This time it’s not just the hunters but the college student also inn for the style.

I really wondered what this duck boot is when I first heard about it.

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What is this DUCK BOOTS?

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