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If you have a bit of weight to lose , or a lot, a lot, it ‘s best not to cut your calorie intake to less than 1,200 calories a day. This level of intake will help you shed about two pounds a week ( a little more on the first one) , so you should be about half a stone trim for Christmas. The main thing it will not interfere with your weight loss efforts by sending your body into starvation mode .How to Lose Weight After Christmas,10 Ways to Lose Weight After the Holidays

The food choices you then have to get those 1200 calories is a crucial factor in how hungry or else you will feel. To combat hunger completely , try these tips failover :How you can beat the bulge this Christmas, Target Weight Loss Before Christmas 2013

1Make two-thirds of your diet plant . Pasta, rice , beans , bread and fruits and vegetables provide the maximum occupancy for the minimum calories, and make them the main , secondary and not a part of your food means that you will always have plenty to eat.These Workout Mistakes Can Prevent Weight Loss,50 foods with 50 calories or less to help you lose weight

2 Select the options for high- fiber where possible. Fiber has no calories, so it fills without being fattening. It also slows gastric emptying , so you feel full longer. And because you have to chew high fiber so good, it makes you eat them slowly.1What's The Ultimate Weight Loss Diet,Christmas red dress for girls,Weight Loss Tips For Teenage Girls

3 Eat foods with high water content. Water is the ultimate low- calorie, high- volume food , so the liquid foods such as soups and stews can be especially enjoyable, and kinder to your waistline. Another trick is to drink a glass of water before a meal to deceive stretch receptors in the stomach sending “I am full ” messages to the brain .1Christmas Specials,Beautiful Santa Girls Photos,Losing Weight Can Be Simple When You Have Excellent Tips Like These

4Don’t skimp on the low-fat sources of protein , such as fish , grilled chicken and meat. The protein has an effective blunting effect on your appetite , and can make you feel full longer.

5Cut fat. Besides the obvious reason – it has twice more calories than the same weight of protein or starch – Fat is also the least food component filling all .

If you follow these guidelines, you ‘ll be able to eat very well ( for example, cereal and fruit for breakfast , soup , bread and yogurt for lunch and a big veggie rice crust and the next fruit fool for dinner ) and still do not go more than 1200 calories.

You can count calories on their own, or , if you prefer a more specific guidance , I suggest you buy the BBC fat- nonsense fighting, Fighting Fit book written by Janette Marshall (£ 4.99). For motivational advice, you could not do better than to read glow Pete Cohen and Judith believe , Century £ 6.99.

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Hello to all

I’m starting a thread on a diet and child – staff exercise . I hope this becomes a place where we can support each other to improve our eating habits and increase our exercise.

I’ve gained weight since I was Zoe. I am now 12 pounds heavier than when I got pregnant , and a total of about 20 kg overwwight. My current problem is I ‘m not in the right frame of mind . I seem to want a quick fix and do not make the time to do the exercises. I also think that it’s hard to control your portion sizes and avoid the bad high carb snacks high GI of about 3 to 4 hours of the day .

I, however, do a few things well . I eat breakfast every day day – Special K and light milk and I always have a pretty good morning tea when I have one ( apple, banana or yogurt) and a pretty good lunch . Today, for example , I had the entire grain toast with baked beans , a little grated cheese and an apple. I also do not drink fruit juice or soft drink (but drink wine).

I’m going to set a goal to go for a walk 4 times this week . When I exercise I tend to eat better

So what are you tips? How do you fight ?
I’ll join you !
I weighed in yesterday at 58kg (I’m on the short side ) . My previous weight of the child was a 48 – 50kg . I’m looking at getting around 52kg , but I will strive to 54kg before Christmas.

I eat pretty healthy, but carbs are my downfall . I love my bread, rice and potatoes. But luckily I do not like pasta.
I also love wine or three.

What I have been doing lately is eating the main meal at lunch instead of dinner . I started it as children eat a big hot lunch in kindergarten we have a light dinner when we get home . The children go to kindergarten three days a week when I’m working so we continue this routine at home.
If I have a big dinner , I’m less likely to pick up in the second half of the day .

For example, we had chicken , noodles and Asian greens for lunch today .
We just had the tuna and egg salad for dinner. The kids had a couscous with him. I did not.

Exercise – I do not have a car for a week , so my exercise walk around with the kids.
I also have a 3yo 18mo.
It is quite hilly where we live so pressing double stroller can be a workout in itself in the heat.

ETA – whoops! Just realized that it was a May 2013 Group, my DS was born in May 2012 .
Can I join you !

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