Top 10 Weight-Loss Diets For 2013

Google recently launched the famous Zeitgeist, which shows the most popular articles and websites on the internet so was that diets have become famous and effective as possible.

Top 10 Weight-Loss

Move it

Beyonce Diet – The Master Cleanse diet is a difficult and radical, and the person who holds it to be armed primarily forcefully psychic and will.

Michael Phelps diet – is designed for athletes who spend a lot of effort is known as the 12,000 calorie diet. There is an example for normal people, but out of curiosity they searched it on Google.

Raspberry Ketone Diet – is a raspberry extract, as recommended by Dr. Oz, which he calls the “miracle 1”.

PINK Diet . – Or “Power, Intensity, Nutrition and cardio” is the trend and promises many benefits, such as enviable figure, skin, hair and nails dream, but also a great libido. Unfortunately, there is still no evidence to confirm them.

Adriana Lima Diet – is a very strict diet for nine days only includes protein shakes and water.

Miranda Kerr Diet – is composed of 80% organic foods as delicacies is 20%. Eat alkaline water, water with lemon juice and noni.

Top 10 Weight-Loss Diets For 2013


Diet diet pills NV – was announced by Carmen Electra and promises to burn fat, tones the whole body, and hair, nails and skin will be in excellent shape.

KE Diet – is difficult and involves feeding nutrients through a nasogastric tube, thus functioning as slow food, which helps to rapidly emaciated.

Diet juices – instead of food is only natural juices and fresh cunsumă unfortunately not as effects and risk of yo-yo dieting.

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