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Our country is not one of those whose share of people with light eyes is more than 50%, and in Iceland. With big eyes should not be synonymous with wearing a blue, aqua green or light gray ad. Eyes like a ton of chocolate or hazelnut now much left to take out with makeup. In Spain, almost 30% of eyes look black and brown tones and a more than 50% of light shades like hazel.Step by step eye makeup. Blue-coral evening eye makeup for brown eyes

Brown is the dominant worldwide Iris makeovers and when, for many people around the world come to us the same questions: What kind of flowers in our favor? What shade will be used to expand capacity? Eyeliner? One way or not? To answer these questions and help you get the most out of our eyes, we had the help of two experts to solve all these problems with 100% effective result. Take note of these tips.Useful Ideas How To Make Up Your Eyes

A collection of photos of Brown Eye makeup can help you learn more about the style and colors used by professionals for brown eyes .20 Amazing Eye Makeup Tutorials, Planet of Women- Health, Fashion & Beauty

What colors do we stand

Nacho Fernandez, makeup artist Art Lab, opens a window of hope, when the palette of colors used in its entirety , ” depending on the case , we can use a variety of colors , as the color of brown eyes well with a wide range of shades . ” As an expert , we recommend a range of land flecked with gold , silver, purple, even for a natural finish on the day view . For special occasions , we are inspired to make nachos unlike the cooler colors like mauve and silver, or that ” substantially isolated brown iris. ” Meanwhile, David Garcia, a makeup artist Clarins, has a greenish- gray tones to enhance makeup looks smoother Iris per day .Eyeshadow Tutoria, For Brown Eyes, Purple Eye Makeup for Brown Eyes Ideas

If the tone of the iris light brown , Nacho emphasizes the range of gold and copper , and offers to find the difference in shades of purple and green. David agrees greens tone brown color of the rainbow family increases with the range of gold.This article is in Makeup, Style , and it is about ake Up Ideas, Eye Make Up, Eye Make Up Ideas, Make Up.. Pretty green eyes!

Colors to avoid.

Nacho Fernandez advised us not to use the yellow and orange lights when the kind of chocolate, not the color. David also advises not to use the range of pastel colors, as we risk the effect of “blank stare.”Eyeshadow for brown eyes beauty beautiful cute pretty sexy hot classy fashion modern diy simple color season style cool dress outfit clothes hair makeup real women plus curvy figured shoes pants

If you like smoked finish, you’re in luck. They are the best choice for the night watch because, as Nacho Fernandez tells us, “the generally accepted browns tones like no other eye to activate the same. We choose softer makeup for day and night, to come up and play with the finished smoked.”

Eye Make Up Ideas, Useful Ideas How To Make Up Your EyesTeachers Tricks

David offers a number of techniques to give more intensity to the look and explains step by step to get it at home. First, mix one subbase pencil or shadow brown tone, because, as we believe, will set the shade all day. Then half of the outlines of the upper eyelid and attach it to the lower end of the century, right on the eyelashes of both. Apply a darker shade in the rest of the century, and ends with a clear and natural tone in the upper eyelid (under the brow).20 Amazing Eye Makeup Tutorials 20-Amazing-Eye-Makeup-Tutorials-20 – Planet of Women- Health, Fashion & Beauty

Eyeliner, hall … One way or not?

Nacho Fernandez is clear: “Both options are ideal for brown eyes. Overall reserve eyeliner for special occasions and will be used for Hol every day or activate spots.” David safe bet for brown eye liner, because “the kind of sensuality and gives makes the color of the iris shines even more.Eye Make Up Ideas, Useful Ideas How To Make Up Your EyesAmazing tutorial to an everyday makeup. (Hit translation button on link for step by step text) - Click image to find more Hair & Beauty Pinterest pins Amazing tutorial to an everyday makeup. (Hit translation button on link for step by step text) - Click image to find more Hair & Beauty Pinterest pins1

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