The Fashion Barbie Makeup for Christmas

Barbie Fashion charm girls longing heart. Cheap Mac Cosmetics online store today Teache you about makeup, so you might as well because when sexual Barbie Fashion Barbie, painted pink charm to attract the attention of the crowd. Hurry up friends to take a look at it.

Barbie Makeup for Christmas

The Fashion Barbie makeup for Christmas

Mac liquid foundation deeper than the skin on the first color in the whole person, the whole face with the pulp evenly distributed using the power of your fingers to press the skin liquid foundation, the skin allows it to fit. Next, we need to start eyeliner. Slender Mac eyeliner, draw a thin eyeliner, draw the eye to the end slightly up, to provoke.

The Fashion Barbie makeup for Christmas1

Lights, containing a small amount of pearly eyeshadow Mac, and it is used in the eyelid position in the top position of the eyelashes. mention dazzling Department, and then put the land-color eye shadow, and then covered with a layer of shadows just smear. For part of the lips, lip liner Mac draw the lip line, the lip brush dipped with the right amount of matte color phosphor color Mac Lipstick filled with good color. This lipstick color well you charm index go up.

The Fashion Barbie makeup for Christmas2

My dear, it’s make-up has been completed, you are ready to meet the 2012 Christmas what makeup?

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