The 15-Minute Body-Weight Workout

Ah, summer: long days at the beach, cocktails rimmed with salt, and most importantly, take a break from everyday life. But it can also mean staying in cramped hotel rooms and the choice between packing your running shoes or those cute wedges in your carry-on luggage.The 15-Minute Body-Weight Workout

Stay on track with fitness is the key in the summer, and not just because of your bikini. “This is even more important, because you can sit for hours in planes, trains and automobiles,” says Nicole Glor, author Slimnastics training. “Taking even a few minutes a day to exercise helps you maintain flexibility and strength.”The 15-Minute Body-Weight Workout1

That’s where this equipment without weight training, created Glor, comes in. By combining cardio and plyometric walk (I think, jumping and kicking) from those that improve your balance, you’ll burn calories while building strength, flexibility and endurance.Get Fit in 5 Minutes, Flat-Abs Workout

Do these exercises in order, 30 seconds of jumping jacks or jump rope between sets. Rest for 30 to 60 seconds at the end, and then again twice scheme, a total of three rounds.

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