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Taanka launched in collaboration with PFDC Fashion Active

Community World Service Asia launched Taanka, a fashion brand dedicated to highlighting the arts and crafts of Interior Sindh through an exclusive fashion presentation followed by a two-day exhibition held at the PFDC Fashion Active on November 19, 2016, Saturday and November 20, 2016, Sunday.Taanka launched in collaboration with PFDC Fashion Active

Taanka launched in collaboration

The fashion show primarily showcased two varied designers, who collaborated with rural artisans from Interior Sindh to create fashionable couture and finely tailored apparel to promote the local artisanal crafts of the area, primarily Thatta and Umerkot.Taanka Launched in Collaboration with PFDC Fashion Active

The event served as an opportunity for the people of Lahore to see this exquisite couture collection, offered the patrons an exclusive platform to meet the artisan women in one-on- one sessions and at the same time allowing them to be part of an exhibition where the merchandise was also available for retail.Taanka, a brand dedicated to highlighting the arts …n Lahore

Speaking about the launch of Taanka, Taabeer Ather from Community World Service Asia said, “Taanka was launched keeping in mind the need to celebrate and preserve our precious culture and heritage originating from interior Sindh.Taanka, a brand dedicated to highlighting

The concept of this exciting event was to create an environment to enjoy a runway show and introduce the brand to the fashion savvy and culturally rich clientele of Lahore.”COMMUNITY WORLD SERVICE ASIA LAUNCHED TAANKA IN COLLABORATION WITH PFDC FASHION ACTIVE

Taanka is a fashion brand dedicated to promoting the art of Sindh and was established to showcase the finest handcrafted amalgamation of contemporary designs with traditional stitches produced by rural artisans.COMMUNITY WORLD SERVICE ASIA LAUNCHED TAANKA IN COLLABORATION WITH PFDC FASHION ACTIVE

Taanka is targeting resources and markets to maximise earnings through traditional handicraft where the goal is to ensure the generation of sustainable economic livelihoods for rural artisan women.community-world-service-asia-launched-taanka-in-collaboration-with-pfdc-fashion-active2 community-world-service-asia-launched-taanka-in-collaboration-with-pfdc-fashion-active3 zoya-nasir-hamza-tarar-maheen-kardar-ali community-world-service-asia-launched-taanka-in-collaboration-with-pfdc-fashion-active11

community-world-service-asia-launched-taanka-a-fashion-brand-dedicated-to-highlighting-the-arts-and-crafts community-world-service-asia-launched-taanka-a-fashion-brand-dedicated-to-highlighting-the-arts-and-crafts1 community-world-service-asia-launched-taanka-a-fashion-brand-dedicated-to-highlighting-the-arts-and-crafts2 community-world-service-asia-launched-taanka-a-fashion-brand-dedicated-to-highlighting-the-arts-and-crafts3 community-world-service-asia-launched-taanka-a-fashion-brand-dedicated-to-highlighting-the-arts-and-crafts4 sofia-khan pakistan-fashion-showsfashion-designers-beauty-tips-and-models zoya-nasir-hamza-tarar-maida-azmat-maheen-kader-maqsood sahar-zafartaanka-launched-in-collaboration-with-pfdc-fashion-active12 taanka-launched-in-collaboration-with-pfdc-fashion-active13 taanka-launched-in-collaboration-with-pfdc-fashion-active14 taanka-launched-in-collaboration-with-pfdc-fashion-active16 jazmine taanka-launched-in-collaboration-with-pfdc-fashion-active21For more information and details pertaining to the event, please visit



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