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Foods for Stronger Nails and Thicker Hair

Surely you know that eating healthy is good for you in a lot of ways you can reduce the risk of disease, improve your immune system,

Stronger Nails and Thicker Hair

Stronger Nails and Thicker Hair

increase your energy levels and even affect your sleep habits. But did you know that some foods can improve the way you look, too? Read on to know what nutrients will give your hair and nails extra shine, strength and shine.

Biotin / vitamin H

Biotin (also known as vitamin H) can improve hair or thinning is the division and strengthen nails weakened. Taken with zinc and corticosteroid clobetasol propionate, biotin even been used to treat alopecia, an autoimmune skin disease characterized by hair loss. Nina DiBona, RD, dietitian and nutritionist at the Sports Club / LA in Boston, agrees. “A biotin deficiency can cause brittle hair or hair loss.” An easy way to remember: The vitamin H H means “Haar and haut” meaning “hair and nails” on, Germans DiBona notes.
Stronger Nails and Thicker Hair

Omega-3 fatty acids

To get shinier hair, introduce more omega-3 in your diet, that “health help support the scalp and can give your locks extra shine and luster,” according to DiBona. The three ingredients active alpha-linolenic acid, eicosapentaenoic acid and docosahexaenoic acid are all essential fatty acids “are important components of the stratum corneum, which is the outermost layer of the epidermis containing keratin and has water holding capacity . Deficiency in essential fatty acids can result in dandruff or dry scalp, “she says.
Stronger Nails and Thicker Hair


Protein intake is important for many reasons, particularly when it comes to hair and nails. Both “are made of structural proteins known as keratin, protein diet properly is important to provide the essentials for hair growth and strong nails,” DiBona said. Lean meats are the easiest way to pack protein in your diet, just be sure to stay away from any that are too fatty.

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