Spring/Summer 2013 Makeup Trends for Lips and Eyes

If you are a lover of make-up then you will definitely love spring / summer 2013 makeup trends. The trends that have been presented at various fashion weeks this season will be alive in the current season fashion.How to Have a Radiant Wedding Makeup Look

Makeup trend is directly proportional with fashion trends as makeup makes a full view of any outfit, so keeping up with the latest trends in make-up is just as important as how to keep up with fashion. Thus, we believe, in order to match your makeup with your spring summer 2013 meetings we have gathered some popular makeup styles for this season.

How to Apply Style Eye and Lips MakeupHow to Apply Makeup for a Natural Look

Picking out a light and natural makeup is usually the largest and easiest option you have is natural, of course, appreciated since the past couple of seasons. We all know that natural beauty can not be completed, and that such beauty can not be done with makeup so why not try to subtly emphasize your best features.

Use a foundation for a flawless looking skin, enhance your eyes applying mascara, apply a small amount of blush on the cheekbones to highlight them, and perhaps apply a clear lip gloss on your lips, so as to make them stand out. In addition, you can turn towards applying a neutral colored eyeshadow just for fun. This kind of makeup is perfect for any day affair, and almost matches women of all ages!

Makeup Tips Get Perfect Bold Lips for the HolidaysHow to Get Bold Lips

Many of us find the lips to probably be the most attractive part of a woman’s body so why not emphasize this beauty bright colors lipstick? Bring in your sex appeal after the cold off season with some bright lip color blush. Everything from coral red, hot pink and orange attract maximum attention.Maybe you prefer the more wearable, berry-hued lips that I'm rocking in the video tutorial

To maintain the rest of the face to the bright spot to go for rich black eyelashes mascara several coatings. In addition, you can add pure shade to your eyes, but make sure you do not exaggerate. Go to the copper hues or shades may just be a bit darker skin color. To prevent bleeding lipstick to your lips simple with a bit of foundation, lip color lip liner or a free lipstick shades.

Eye spylatest make-up trendsSuper Bold Eye Makeup Tutorial

Last year, it was recommended to use bright colors or eye makeup or lipstick bright colors, but not both at the same time, but it seems that this new season, this principle is absent. Currently, you can choose to enhance the eyes, lips, or both, depending on personal style and preferences. Such a bold make-up suits more formal, evening affairs, so try to adapt to the make-up time of day.Glamor Makeup – Cheerful Dark Eye Makeup

In addition, you can use bold eyeshadow colors such as green, blue, orange, lavender, red, etc., and they all just look awesome. Mascara and eyeliner are a must for this type of make-up so do not neglect their importance. For those who still do not use a lot of shadows, you can use eyeliner with smoky eye makeup to give your eyes a clear definition.

How To Apply A Hot Smokey EyeFade To Black: How To Apply A Hot Smokey Eye

Smokey eye makeup style is classic and will never leave its beauty. It is always more or less, with some minor modifications. However, spring summer 2013 Smokey Eye tamed and disappeared. You can choose blue as the main color is very well blended. To get the look sported blue mannequins week apply both covers.

Hot New Smokey Eye Looks Worth TryingMix until the bridge on top of the eye and the end of the lower lid. Add copper or brown color to the outer corner of the eye. Ditch your eyeliner and mascara to achieve the faded look.

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