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Smokey Eye Makeup For Brown Eyes & Smoky Eye Tutorial

Smokey eye makeup is one of the oldest continuously more popular trend in beauty. Smokey eyes is definitely charming and attractive. Smokey eye makeup gives exotic and raw appeal. However, Smokey eye makeup, especially for brown eyes can be a lot more complicated than just that. This look can be worn casually and formally draw.

Smokey Eye Makeup TipsBest eyeshadow for brown eyes

The key to the perfect smokey eye proper mixing. You want to make sure that the colors are blended together flawlessly. In addition, it is important to pair light base colors with rich dark colors. Choosing the right color can improve the color of your eyes and make them pop.How to do Smokey Eye Makeup Tips

Choose two colors, one dark color, which is a function of color, and other light color, which will maintain the color. This choice will depend on factors such as eye color, hair, as well as your skin tone. If you have dark brown eyes, then focus on using deeper colors like purple, gray, brown.Dazzler Makeup and Beauty Tips

Clean your eyelids and apply a primer. In case you did not know, you can smear a thin layer of moisturizer or concealer around the eyes for better absorption of makeup. Once your eyelids are primed, use black or brown eyeliner, and line the upper and lower eyelids. For a more vivid effect, you can lubricate the line on the lower eyelid.Eye makeup Tips for hazel eyes

Eyeshadow kit can help and make your eyes look softer. Brush light shadows on the lid. Next gradually blend in a darker shade, starting from the outer corner of the lid. As you get closer to the eye crease, switch to the other, a little lighter, dark shadows and blend continuously,Smokey Eye Makeup.Holiday Smokey Eye Makeup Tutoria Dark-and-Romantic smokey eyes makeups

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