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Simple Tips and Effective Ways to Whiten Your Skin

Having a healthy skin is very important for humans. This is as good as having a beautiful skin tone. There are simple steps and effective ways to whiten the skin. These steps will make your skin glow.7 Hot Tips for Lightening Up Dark Skin Spots Fast

Tips in getting the white skin

1.Avoid going to direct sunlight. It is always recommended to use sunscreen SPF 20 to protect the skin .

Second Drink plenty of water every day.

3.Take a balanced diet containing plenty of fruits and vegetables.

4.Wash your face regularly to keep it clean.

5.It is better to use a good cream for whitening . There are many OTC creams that contain natural ingredients .

6.Take vitamin supplements , which are natural ingredients containing antioxidant and omega -3 . These additives are good for nails, hair and skin.

7.You can use lemon to cleanse your skin. You can cut a lemon into two halves and gently rub them on your face and neck area . You can wash your face after 15 minutes. Regular use of lemon will begin to lighten the skin .

8.Exfoliate skin regularly . This will remove the old colored skin cells and reveal new , white skin cells.

9.Use chemical bleaching products for your skin . Whitening products include fade creams, which can be purchased at many pharmacies . Meanwhile , the strong skin whitening products , such as hydroquinone to a prescription. Hydroquinone is a skin lightening ingredient that whitens the skin literally .

Protect Your SkinTips to whiten skin with makeup

There are also effective ways to whiten your skin with makeup and cosmetics. This may seem strange, but they can make your skin look white .

Use a sunscreen â € ” you should use a sunscreen with a high SPF you can find. Squeeze it on your hands and apply it to your face using either your finger or a sponge. Apply small areas at a time in the face and neck. You can use baby powder after applying sunscreen evenly on the face and neck.

Use baby powder â € ” Put a little baby powder in the container and use a cotton swab or sponge to apply baby powder on your face. You must apply to the main unit power section in very small quantities. Remember not to put too much baby powder in one place, because it will look very realistic. Apply a sufficient amount of baby powder and make it as natural as possible . Always make sure that everything looks mixed to your skin.

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