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Simple Eye Makeup & Eye Makeup Tutorial

Love the eye makeup, I personally think that this is all false that I love, I do not base use, I do not use much the outline or foundation or concealer, I go with the serum and normal moisturizer and I personally feel absolutely perfect with it, nothing can make me feel that I have to cover my skin, I’m more than comfortable with my own skin and I’m not ashamed of it at all, and this is what I a big fan of natural looks make, I continue working on this and I love it when I look in the mirror and feel absolutely perfect with a touch of makeup.

Simple Eye Makeup & Eye Makeup Tutorial


Simple Eye Makeup & Eye Makeup Tutorial
Now tell you what is the most important thing that can help you get a perfect natural look according to your own eyes or in this case the eye, I have all year and very brow eyes and when I use shade of brown with this look, makeup eye tutorial that really make my eyes look just imperceptible and this is exactly what you do not want 😉 so I would say a big no to brown, in my case, I love my lashes and I personally do not do I need Falsie and still not pay attention to give all the help from my eyelashes have to look beautiful and amazing, I apply the thicker and darker eyeliner black in my tight line and this is one thing I like, I can pay anything to get a darker stain perfect and rich black liner test I apply thicker line in my Tightline that not only makes my lash look thicker and brighter, is that my eyes darker look and add a too little depth and mascara is my favorite.

Simple Eye Makeup & Eye Makeup Tutorial

The look I’m going to share with you is absolutely perfect for your day to day look that will not only keep you naturally look, but it will make you look absolutely stunning too, so we started to pay? As I told you not to use the base so I’ll start with the fully cleaned and scrubbed face, I always use cloth muslin to rub my face a bit which gives me a nice smooth skin and will apply some cream moisturizer and a little serum for the skin look more beautiful and then I will apply moisturizer tone and finish the look with lose powder to set the look and I have oily skin, so use lose powder to set moisturizer and looking too and then we’ll take quite white highlighter or silver glitter and apply on the eyelid, apply with a small brush and then take a fluffy brush and we’re going to mix well the entire lid from lash to brow and mix well.

Eye Makeup Tutorial


Simple Eye Makeup & Eye Makeup Tutorial
Now let’s take light coffee or shade peach with small blending brush and apply a line just above the crease and then blow the brush to clean the excessive shade and then take the same brush and it blended the shade around the crease, now let make lighter shade of gray or blue steal and apply to the lid and mix well, under the fold, do not try to make a sharp crease Eye Tutorial makeup now let’s apply a wing bold type on the upper lash as a cat eye and then we’ll take a black eyeliner and we will apply a line under the line of the lower lashes and then also stain well and finish the look with mascara eye Makeup Tutorial.

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