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Simple Beauty Tips for Young Girls| Natural Beauty Tips for Girls

The practical way to refresh makeup , eye cream eyebrows are used, heat to curl your lashes , lipstick while cleaning , acne , Plants Benefit from oil , scan your eyebrows with a toothbrush.10 simple tips to enhance your natural beauty

If you do not have time to do your makeup again , the makeup remover on a cotton swab and dip your makeup only has flowed deleted or infected zones .

Relentlessly with avocado

Remove the core of a fresh avocado fruit peel and hover your entire body . Continued for 20 minutes after you enter the shower . Avocado fruit is a natural moisturizer will not believe how soft your skin .

Paste your broken fingernail

When broken rather than your fingernail to pull off a drop of Japanese adhesive dripped to the ground is broken . Apply a dense layer of your favorite nail polish on . Broken line to camouflage , red, burgundy or opaque matte colors such as coral should be preferred.

When cleaning Lipstick

Instead of rubbing your red lipstick on a little makeup cotton or tissue dipped in makeup remover can delete .

Eye cream is also used on eyebrows

By applying an intensive eye cream eyebrows able to moisturize them . Also, it looks like dandruff will be free of white mist .

Your skin with baking soda to shine

After you apply a OTOBRONZAN occur if the lines on your skin , you can put some baking soda on a loofah and scrubbing your skin can get rid of this line .

Heat your eyelash curling

Lashes to dümdüzs , metal eyelash curling hair with heat for a few minutes . Thus lashes easier to take shape . Also, apply a water-resistant mascara . Because dry faster than other mascaras eyelashes will curl more effectively certain .

Apply hair spray your brush

After drying your hair a little hair spray on your brush and comb your hair . Thus, without rigid hair volume and shine to protect .

Baby oil to your moisturizer solid

Bright, but very greasy daily body moisturizer that does not appear to have legs into your Add a drop of baby oil .

Benefit from plant oil

Surrounding the nails of dead skin to turn into hard or hangnail , apricot oil, pour a little into these areas .

Your Uçuğu appease the kremlin

The moment you feel the cold sore is starting to emerge on some intensive moisturizer formula will prevent from becoming worse .

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