Shikakai Shampoo For Hair Growth Fast Home Remedies

Shikakai Shampoo For Hair Growth Fast Home Remedies, Shikakai means, “natural hair product” and is a staple of homegrown Ayurvedic hair care. It is a phenomenal chemical that does not pull its characteristic oils from your hair, and relates to compensation ph of your hair. Shikakai units mainly use natural products containing small seed discard. Other than that shikakai has different advantages and bark and leaves of the plant are also used. You can get the business sector shikakai powder or the structure of the natural product drying. Shikakai can be used as a hair wash, homegrown cleaner or hair bundle to have different hair issues. Here I am sharing with you shikakai best prescription shampoo for hair growth,

Shikakai Shampoo For Hair Growth

Shikakai Shampoo For Hair Growth Fast Home Remedies


Shikakai 25 gm

25 gm soap nuts

25 gm dried Indian gooseberry

Water 1.2 liters

10-12 hibiscus leaves

Bunch of neem leaves

Bunch of basil leaves

25 g of aloe vera gel

Shikakai Shampoo For Hair Growth Fast Home Remedies


Take shikakoi, soap nuts and Indian goose berry and they soaked overnight in 1.2 liters of water
Then in the morning pressure cooked.
Remove the seeds of soap nuts.
Now boil water 250 ml
And add a handful of basil leaves and hibiscus on it and a handful of neem leaves in it
Now add the aloe vera gel in it
Add this mixture extraction with shikakai
Mix well
Now strain the mixture
Keep this shampoo in a glass bottle
So sue this shampoo and get smooth, shiny and long hair.

This shampoo makes hair softer, which untangles the hair easily. After washing shikakai also adds subtle sheen to hair.It it has anti-fungal properties and other nutrients to nourish the scalp. This is why shikakai helps reduce infection by the dandruff and nourish dry itchy scalp simultaneously.

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