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Perfect your Christmas Party make-up ideas| Christmas & Holiday Party Tips

Beauty Tips for this Christmas we brings new beauty secret on this Christmas you can apply these ideas for keep your beauty best. On this holiday you want to meet your old friends or wish to enjoy your family company and usually want look best so prepare apply these ideas.Top 5 Tips for Perfect Christmas Party Makeup,Perfect your Christmas Party make-up ideas, Christmas & Holiday Party Tips

Mask for dry skin we know skin become dry and lose its natural beauty in winter so i suggest Avocado mask which is best for dry skin it very easy to make this mask simply mash Avocado with fork and also add some quantity of olive oil in it and apply this mask to your face you feel its good result in few days. This mask provide essential minerals and moisturize your skin also complete the quantity of water in your skin so get benefit from this mask.Holiday Party Dresses, 10 Perfect Styles For Your Office Christmas Party (PHOTOS)

Top 5 Tips for Perfect Christmas Party Makeup

  1. Mineral makeup is perfect for the Christmas holidays , as it is durable and oil – absorbing, so you will not be shiny in photos
  2. For dry skin , exfoliate once a week and use mineral makeup primer to make sure the foundation glides on smoothly and stays put
  3. Use a specific eye concealer instead foundation around the eye area . Not heavy handed with reflective concealers especially for photos , as the flash can bounce off concealer creating a white ring around the eye . Instead, use a soft , matte concealer for under-eye circles for flawless images .
  4. Keep your skin fresh and natural – not compensate for this bronzer to hide the pale winter skin.
  5. Soft pink blush on the “apples” of the cheeks with a hint of bronzer under the cheekbones is more flattering than repeating bronzer , which can smooth features in the drawings , as opposed to selecting them .

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