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Paris Hilton wears THREE different outfits as she show-hops at New York Fashion Week

Here is Billionaire Barbie busting some nice cleavage and taking her turn at our around the catwalks of New York Fashion Week. I’m not sure if Paris Hilton is relevant anymore, or ever really was for that matter, but I’ve always had a little thing for her so I’m posting these pictures anyway.Paris Hilton at the NY Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week 2013 at Fashion

Paris Hilton showed no sign of flagging after attending two shows, and changed into a blue minidress for a night on the town. With her heiress fortune, Paris Hilton certainly doesn’t need to worry about her bank balance when she hits the shops.Paris Hilton glams Falguni & Shane's show at New York Fashion Week

And it seems the 32-year-old star went all out to ensure she had a huge variety of looks to choose from ahead of New York Fashion Week.As she hopped from show to show during the fashion event on Wednesday, Paris showcased her extensive wardrobe in three different outfits.Enjoy the view!The desi designer couple made a splash at the New York Fashion Week with their latest line. Paris Hilton cheered them on. But Rose McGowan and Paris Hilton looked remarkably similar as they breezed into Alon Livne's runway show on Tuesday

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