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Nail Art Christmas and Winter Holidays

‘Tis the season to drink and be merry, eat and be merry, and christmas-ify your home and yourself. Coordinating your computer for Christmas dinner (or lunch) to match the traditional red and green colors may seem a bit too much on the side – Sure, it’s nice for kids, but adults? Not so much anymore. Instead of risking So looking a little too costumey (unless you’re wearing a suit whos), why not instead opt for thematic nails? That way, when you are congratulated for their beautiful nails, you will have the opportunity to shout “Nailed it!”

Nail Art Christmas

Nail Art Christmas and Winter Holidays

You do not have to be too obvious with the combo of red and green, so a few flakes of brightness on a beige or white base could be the perfect touch. If you can not find the two colors in a bottle, just get one of each and combine.

Nail Art Christmas
This is a little different from the normal candy cane stripes around the entire nail and that’s exactly what I like so much about this; a little creative ingenuity.

Nail Art Christmas and Winter Holidays
This snowman is too cute, and I love the snow under the effect of other nails. If you do not have to brush to make his superfine jolly snowman, simply use a toothpick or fork.
These two are so adorable together damn, but if you do not have the patience, just make one as an accent nail.

Nail Art Christmas and Winter Holidays
For those of you you prefer a minimalist approach WHO with clean lines, have a go at these metal trees. As long as you have some tape this Sea hand you’ll be able to easily accomplish. Tip: Use tape instead of tape cello painters – the enamel will not bleed much.

Nail Art Christmas and Winter Holidays
These trees are still whos easier to do I do not have to cut the triangles tape – just two thin stripes and you’re good to go! Then you can decorate your trees as desired.

Nail Art Christmas and Winter Holidays
Color These snowflakes are perfect for a cold Christmas, and you can use almost any database; There has to be a traditional color – These look great on even black nails. Remember, if I have a small tool, simply use the tip of a mechanical pencil.

Blood splatter Eerie
Some holly accent in your extremities of French is the perfect little detail to achieve that look as festive as you feel. You need not always go all out; Sometimes, less is more.

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