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Most Effective Winter Skin Care Tips 2016

Most Effective Winter Skin Care Tips 2016;In winter, the skin is attacked by cold, wind, rain , changes in temperature, air currents. For this you need to protect it with a shield cosmetic , to allow it to remain healthy . Here are some tips to care for your skin during the cold season .

Winter Skin Care Tips 2016Most Effective Winter Skin Care Tips 2016

The skin , how it is made ?
The skin consists of epidermis ( the most superficial part , composed of several layers of cells ) and the dermis ( the deepest part , with many saguigni vessels and nerve endings .

What to do?
The skin reacts to environmental aggressions . To prevent aging curateno , you have to take care of them every day.
The golden rule : good hygiene. E ‘ fundamental wash and remove make-up the face twice a day . Let it rain, there’s the sun, the wind blows or it gets cold , the skin should be cleansed and toned before being hydrated.

Hydration , instructions for use
A beautiful skin, smooth, soft and light , it is a well-hydrated skin . That of the baby , the softer that there is , contains 80 % water .

During the winter the skin becomes dry , crack , appear redness and irritation. They are all symptoms of dehydration.
It is therefore necessary to slow down the loss of water creating a film / barrier that prevents the molecules dispedersi .Most Effective Winter Skin Care Tips 2016
– Choose creams suitable , with rich textures , preferable in the winter, to nourish and invigorate your skin.
– Would you do the masks moisturizing, nourishing and regenerating twice a week . The active ingredients contained in them repair the skin and prepare to face external aggressions.

SOS antifreddo
– Do not forget to protect the lip area , always very fragile , with cream or stick . If cracks appear apply a thick layer of product , several times a day , as if I were a skier !

– Proteteggi my hands , because gloves are not enough. Apply cream and massage well from wrist to nails. At the base of petrolatum, shea butter , vegetable oils and silicone, the hand creams create a protective film on the skin. If your hands are chapped , apply a thick layer of cream before going to sleep.

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