Makeup Tips for Wedding Party 2013-2014| Natural Bridal looks ideas For Girls

I’m a big fan of Asian wedding and I know that it’s not so easy to prepare and appear prominently in these weddings cause every girl look good to play hockey and glamorous which means you have to work so hard to get the best view and the best impression.Beautiful Bridal Make up Ideas Collection 2013 For Bridals

There some simple tips to make up for the wedding, you can try to see how you look, and you can be innovative and you can also try different things to look good too.but things you need to do before the big day you you need to have your henna ringing before the main day and the tray to get the best design possible, and follow not only on your dress.If you plan tower sleeves or short sleeves and then get some designs on the hands , too , and get your face and eyebrows done as well if you are planning to get a new hair color or hair style , you need to get it at least one day before, and now we’re going to share some very simple and interesting tips that can help you prepare for the wedding , but keep one thing in mind while you prepare you visit someone else’s party so do not try to steal her attention.Latest Bridal Make Up Fashion Trends 2013- 2014
First of all, if you are wearing sharp and glamorous dresses , you have to be careful on your make-up too because if you are wearing the same make, you would end up looking like a crown so be careful and today we ‘re going to begin to make up. If you are going to start your make up , first of all , wash your face and apply a moisturizer and facial massage for a while and then give it some time to settle down.Now Take foundation and if you are going to try in two shades to get the best results , the best way to use it to mix the two in a small bowl and mix it well, and now you can apply it with a brush all over the face , neck , shoulders , and then use a sponge to blend it with your skin and keep blending until you start to feel you do not need to mix more.Bridal Party makeup Ideas,Wedding Party Makeup- Tutorial
Now the first thing you need to do is apply some loose powder under the eyes and now start with your eye makeup, first of all take some prime eye and apply all over your eyelid from one corner to the other and then start with the eye shadow , when you’re trying to look good and then just pick any two color of your dress and put them into your eye lid and blend them well, and if you try to look stylish then apply black eye shadow all over your eyelid , and then apply a smooth shiny yellow color over the lid and mix them with each other now that they are completely blended then add some high lighter and better marker of silver, and to apply that under the eyebrows and blend it with your finger and now use any one shade of your dress on the eyelid , but you need make a simple line , and that ‘s suppose to be really easy and smooth and now use the eyeliner , I recommend that apply smooth gray or light brown eyes linger and then apply mascara same share your eye make-up done.Party Makeup Ideas 2013,Make up Fashion Pictures 2014

If you want your mascara for some time to apply another coat , then you can use that time for your blush, if you have a dark personality, that is the best blush peach or orange -SH Brown and you have to be very careful that you don ‘t want to look horrible you want to look stunning and beautiful, just apply blush on apples of cheeks and blend it well, and if you have light skin color of the skin, then be as caring as you want.Bridal Makeup Free Photos 2014 Wedding Makeup 2014

Now, before you apply lip color applied several coats of mascara and let it dry and apply a layer of foundation on your lips and then a nap powder, and you’re ready you just have to keep your lip stick in a bag , and if you are ready to start prospectus to apply a simple layer of lipstick that finish your look for the day , I hope you do not forget your accessories.

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