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Make Up Tips for Blue Eyes

The eyes are an important feature of the face. Draw all eyes facial expression. The shape and eye color vary from region to region If you have get blue eyes, you can make your eyes more dominant features, the following methods are simple.

Make Up Tips

Make Up Tips for Blue Eyes

Apply Primer and concealer

Make Up Tips for Blue Eyes1

As a first step, apply primer and concealer under the eyes, even if you do not have dark circles apply make-up like this primer covers the area around the eyes.

Eye Brows

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Make sure your eye brows are in the proper form. Eye brows frame the eyes, eyebrows wrong if you can not get the perfect look for your eyes.

The basis for the eye shadow color

The basis for the eye shadow color

Apply a gold or silver color base, lightly brush it on the top cover is enough to see a bit of color.

Put the best eye liner

Get N eyeliner and put it on the top cover. Then the question is, what are the best color eye liner for blue eyes, we were given a list of the best color eye liner for blue eyes.



Light purple



Add color of Eye Shadow

This is the most important part of eye makeup, how to choose the right color of eye shadow are some suggested color pop blue eyes.

Dark green

Dark purple

chocolate brown


Camel shadows

After the addition of the color of your eye shadow applied silver bottom lid crease for a good smoked eyes.

White Inner Eye Liner and Mascara

As a final step, apply white eye liner inside the lower lash line, it creates the illusion of larger eyes. Put mascara on the lashes look thicker eyelashes, Make Up Tips.

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