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Lady Gaga Christmas Tree shows holiday spirit after her Jingle Ball

I am sure that if she will come in front of the camera people will not recognise her of they would take much time remember her in her real face and get as she have made a very different image on the mind of her fans and other people about her personality. I am sure if there is an award for the women for changing the styles a lot she would be the winner of that particular title or award.Lady Gaga showed off her wrist tattoo that went well with the giving holiday spirit

Now once again she has just got the attention of the media on her appearance when Lady Gaga appeared in front of the cameras wearing a dress to express her feelings about the Occasion Christmas.Lady Gaga returns to her hotel after the Jingle Bell Ball at London's O2 bizarrely dressed as a Christmas Tree

27 Years old Star has zany choice in selecting the outfits for her personality to make a rememberable of I must also say noticeable appearance anywhere and here she has just carried on with the same manners. She made everyone on the spot quite amazed about her personality and the dress she was wearing for the christmas Festival. Lady Gaga took the festive season as her inspiration as she left the Jingle Bell Ball at London’s O2 arena wearing a real Christmas tree.Lady Gaga is seen arriving back at her London hotel dressed as a Christmas tree Lady Gaga adjusts one of the branches of her hat as she is greeted by fans

The Singer of the famous track “The Born This Way” was wearing the dresses in the red color which have a head gear like the bushed of the tree in the green color it. If I define it in more proper way than it was a pine tree decorated with baubles and a star as a hat when she left for the Langham Hotel in London. Well, what ever she have work she has just set a trend for the other celebrity and express her feeling in the strongest way about the Christmas.

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