Kim Kardashian Reveals She Suffers ‘similar fertility Issues’ to Khloe

She is looking forward to the birth of his first child.But Kim Kardashian revealed that her unplanned pregnancy was a “miracle” – as she had secretly fought fertility issues.Kim Kardashian Reveals She Suffers 'similar fertility Issues' to Khloe-0

“It’s a miracle I even got pregnant, she told Kathie Lee Gifford & Hoda on The Today Show on Tuesday.

Previously, she explained to the Today Show: “Chloe was very open about her fertility issues & I think I’ve always been really kind of quiet about my life & I have similar issues.Kim Kardashian Reveals She Suffers 'similar fertility Issues' to Khloe-01

Younger sister Khloe, Kim talked openly about her suffering after her inability to conceive within three years of marriage, of the first tests revealing she was not ovulating.

Meanwhile, Kim met her boyfriend Kanye West for the first nine months of waiting for their child in July.

Kim Kardashian explained of her pregnancy: “It was a pleasant surprise when many doctors have told me one thing & then the opposite happens.

32-year-old said she could not believe that she is really going to be a mother.

“I think that as long as I’m really starting to see how, stomach, it will not really sink in. It’s like a strange realization, until you really start to see the physical changes, um, & every day is different.

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