Kim Kardashian Reveals How To Take The Perfect Selfie!

No one knows better then her that how to promote your self in any manners asp right in the start of her career she got famous all around the world for her leaked tape and from that time onward she is kept on promoting her self in different ways. Kim Kardashian is said to be one of the most famous celebrities and fashion icon of the Hollywood Showbiz Industry. Well now after becoming a mother of a daughter she is getting even more conscious about your personality and this may be the reason that she is known as “Queen of Self Promotion” and now she is going to let the other know that how you can take a perfect self picture through your cell phone.Kim Kardashian is the undisputed queen of the selfie

Well, we have see a number of time self pictures of the Kim which she have displayed on different social sites and have got a lot of appreciation from the other but no one knows that how she can get this kind of beautiful self picture through. She finally opened up about how to take the perfect self-portrait and she start by saying that “Rule number one, you always have to have it (Mobile or Camera) a little higher” and while telling this she was doing and same and taking her picture.Kim Kardashian explains how to take the 'perfect selfie' but claims she looks 'disgusting' without make-up

And when she did the click and take a view of her picture it was a weird reaction from her by saying that “’Ugh, I look disgusting without make-up”. Kim was sitting beside her best friend Brittny Gastineau in the salon when she was narrating the top secret of her perfect self picture. She then carry on by saying that “’But no duck face. I love doing that, because it gives you cheekbones. But people get so mad.”Queen of the selfie Kim Kardashian reveals how to do the perfect self-portrait on your camera-phone

So all the women and girls who want to have a perfect picture like Kim so she must have a follow that rules which a Kim has just revealed.Kim Kardashian gives her fans a lesson in taking the perfect selfie

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