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It’s All About The Eyes – 5 Eye Make-Up Ideas For A Night Out

Date night is the time to break out of your normal routine and get the most out of romance. Here are the secrets to get the best makeup looks coquettishly-celebrity with a little inspiration.Steps To Apply Blue Eyeshadow Tips

If you have a big night on the cards, it’s likely you’ll walk right into planning mode. Your party preparing the list probably read something like this: go shopping for a new outfit, buy new shoes, a bag and find the appropriate values ​​to choose, decide on a hairstyle, a manicure. Nowhere in this list are not doing it for makeup. You come to prepare, and you will find yourself looking at yourself in the mirror, wishing desperately that you have practiced doing make-up in different ways. Well, you just have to do it like every day, and I hope that no one will notice.Tips For Applying Eye Makeup

No more – here are five eye makeup ideas for you to experiment with will leave you looking and feeling like a super-hot on your next night.

1.Bright Eyed and Bushy Tailed

Did you know that the use of white makeup around the eyes can make them clearer, brighter and more? Invest in a white eyeliner ( silver works well too ) and highlight the inner corner of each eye. Sweep the shimmering white eye shadow over the lid and use clear mascara to better define your lashes . This make-up looks great tip when teamed with your favorite LBD and it is an occasion to rock the monochrome look a little longer.

2.Pro Tips for Applying Smoky Under-Eye Makeup

We’ve all heard about the dark eyes – this is a trick made ​​famous makeup like Cheryl Cole and for many years, it was the ultimate reliable . Hot off the catwalks , however, under the new smoky eyes. To achieve this look, to create his usual dark eyes with a mixture of gray and black eye shadow and smudged black eyeliner. Expansion of the shadows in the corners of each eye , and continue to mix right under your eyelid – Be careful not to apply too far below the eye – it should be just fine dust to avoid black eyes to see the panda . Finish the look with lashings of black mascara to add volume and lengthen lashes.

3.How to do Liquid Eyeliner Feline Flicks

Sexy cat eyes never go out of fashion. Recreate it for yourself, you ‘ll need a steady hand. You can practice it first with the shadows, before the real thing. To make it easier for yourself and get to the movies , even the corners of both eyes , use your eyeliner to dot along your lid. Connect the dots for smooth lines and using the edge of your eyebrows as a guide, to make the film up. For a more dramatic look , combine this eye makeup idea to February red pout .

4.Glitterbomb Makeup

Get into the holiday spirit with pots eyes shine. Sometimes a girl just needs a little sparkle in her life, and this is the prefect inexpensive way to do it. Choose your own color brilliance of the first – perhaps ruby red sparkling sapphire or swing on the color trend this season . Next , sweep the extra shade eye shadow over the lid and DAB each primer over the top – this will act as a base for light to follow. Take your eye shadow brush , dip in the glare and shake off the excess. Then just dab on each eye . It’s up to you whether you cover the entire cover in glitter , or just use it to decorate every corner. Finish coat of mascara . Keep the rest of your makeup natural enough that your eyes do all the talking (this is something Jason Wu busy lately) .

5.Dewey’s eyes

The key to this look to make eyes look as natural and as healthy as possible . It’s kind of minimal fuss make-up idea that is perfect if you are under the practiced eye with makeup. To start , mix of natural shadow on your lid – fair-skinned homes can use roses in the shade while the dark-skinned beauties can use tan shade. Then simply smear a little lip balm over the lids to create a glossy surface. Line the inner rim of your lower lid with a soft brown eyeliner and finish coat of clear mascara. Keep everything else flawless makeup base with a little concealer and a light dusting of the foundation. This make-up look adds a bright dress is perfect as it gives the dress all the attention.

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