Is it Up Selling Plastic Surgery or In The Best Interest of The Patient?

One of the questions that came in an interview with Dr. Moelleken on the Dr. Oz show was up-selling plastic surgery for women who may be in a vulnerable time in their lives. After the interview aired cosmetic Network Live Web-show Ciaran spoke with Dr. Moelleken about the subject in order to clarify the situation.Is it Up Selling Plastic Surgery or In The Best Interest of The Patient

Dr. Moelleken: Well, as plastic surgeons, what we try to do is try not to introduce procedures and talk about them, if the patient does not show that this is a problem with it. Now the exception is when you have to talk about the problem, for example, when someone comes in and they say, “You know, my neck really bothers me. Hanging neck, I cheeks, I really want my neck fixed. “It’s my job as a plastic surgeon to look at the patient as a whole and say,” Yes, there is something we can do to help with your neck, but not what you need to do this, but we need to consider your eye area because it was a bit of aging in the eye. And here, let me give you a facelift for one second. “So I’ll go for the patient, and I’ll give it a facelift and say,” Well, it what it would look like if we did not make eye. “And they will look at it and they say, ‘Oh, you’re right. disproportion There, Thanks for pointing this out.” They can say,’ Look, it’s not for me. I do not want to make eyes at that moment. “All right then, now I have paid attention to it, and they can make their own decisions, but it’s my job as a plastic surgeon, as an artist, to show things to them that would make them look, if we did not consider them for the operation.

Ciaran: And Dr. Oz said that you said that the scalpel can mend a broken heart. Is that correct?

Dr. Moelleken: Well, I think that in some cases the scalpel can mend a broken heart. If someone has an aspect of their appearance that they are actually concerned and they never did anything about it – maybe their face is much older than you think, perhaps, the damage that the children did, they were not in able to assume that all or are they just not happy with your body – Now, of course, a scalpel can not mend a broken heart, but taking care of the problems we say that a child has caused, of course, makes you feel a little better.

Ciaran: Of course, of course. Now that’s quite understandable. Well, whatever your position, as a viewer, I hope this helps you to understand the issue a little clearer

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