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How To Take Care of Lips in Winter Naturally

Lips, can not defend himself . So too are damaged by external factors . Wind and cold are the enemies of the lips . If maintenance is not performed effectively and protected , dry and crack in a short time .Lip Care In Winter Season

Will make your lips do regular maintenance needs to be done . Toothbrush thoroughly cleaned 2 times per week , light and scrub in a circular motion . This process begins to accumulate on your lips and in a short time into a structure that will crustiform clears dead cells . In this way, you can apply other treatments would be more effective.Beat The Heat With These Beauty Care Tips

Every morning after you wash daily , make-ahead , moisten your lips with a moisturizing cream . Choose a lightweight cream and lips to eat well. Lips are designed specifically for use creams .Home Remedies to Treat Chapped Lips - Natural Lip Care This Winter

When choosing lipstick , moisturizer in that preference. Passing from hot to cold or from cold to hot , apply a moisturizing cream again . If it’s hard to move cream , stick our from .

Cold , accelerates the formation of fine lines around the lips . So , the lips and the area around the need to strengthen a nutritious product . Feeders, oily moisturizing and structure are thicker than they , is not suitable for use during the day .

Protect your lips from the cold and attractive , bring them to shine , with the shells of fruits and vegetables , scrub and massage your bedtime . Vitamins in fruits and vegetables will take us directly to our lips and face . Kissing, enables self-renewal of our lips .

Uptake of nutrients in a natural way must be made permanent . Natural and healthy eating , as well as for the years ahead of us against premature aging and wrinkles means strengthening our immune system .

After bath or shower , with vitamin E oil , starting from the middle towards the edges , eat until your lips stretching and massage oil . Vitamin E oil can be found in the pharmacy .

Especially in the cold outside , if you feel that your lips dry , soak it with your tongue . This movement causes more to dry out and crack .

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