How to Prevent Dry Skin on Face in Winter| Skin Care Tips for Winter

In the winter when it’s cooler outside and inside the heaters are on , your skin goes through a transformation. It becomes drier , itchy , and sometimes even flakes. You can even get eczema areas . Regular treatments lotions after showering does not cut it anymore.Beauty Tips for Dry Skin,Preventing Dry Skin in Winter,Amazing Skin Care Tips for Winter

The cause skin Dryse in the winter because there is less moisture in the air, the more extreme weather conditions, as well as an indoor heating . Even people who do not usually have dry skin can have problems in the winter.Skin Care Tips for Winter and Beyond ,Winter Beauty Tips,Preventing Dry Skin in Winter

Barrier which prevents dry skin ‘s outer layer , called the stratum corneum. The purpose of the stratum corneum is to form a barrier to protect the underlying tissue from drying out. If this layer is losing it because of the integrity of the drying conditions , it can no longer retain moisture and resulting in dry , flaky skin even .4 Easy Tips to Prevent Dry Skin in Winters,Ultimate Tips for Winter Skin Care Tips

Here are a few 10 tips to prevent dry skin during the Winter months:

  1. Reduce heat your shower or bath – using hot water can actually dry the skin as it removes the natural protective oils from the skin.
  2. Replace soap and detergents and soap without detergent . In winter, replace light shower gels with a weight that has a built- cream or butter.
  3. Moisturize more. You may find that a light body lotion works well in the spring and summer, but when winter comes , your skin needs change. Use of products , which are oil-based and can be added that the protective layer on the skin. Moisturize after every shower , and between hand washings.
  4. Protect your lips ! The lips do not contain oil glands , so they should apply water frequently, especially in the winter. Use a lip balm with sunscreen to keep lips moist and protected .
  5. Exfoliate less, especially if you have skin that is very dry or inflamed. Use thinner scrub that gently removes dead skin from the face of no more than twice a week. Body scrub once a week.
  6. Treat your feet . Because our feet are covered with socks does not mean that they do not dry out . Keep them a bundle – at least once a week. Then treat them with a mask and intense moisturizer. Cover them with socks at night and wake up with gorgeous legs.
  7. Protect your face . Even when the sun is not so much, you should still use a moisturizer with sunscreen . Furthermore, use of a cream lotion against to add more water . Using a night cream is necessary in the winter to help keep your skin hydrated.
  8. Use a humidifier . The humidifier adds moisture to the air and helps your skin retain moisture. Place them around the house and especially in the bedroom .
  9. Try not to use products that contain alcohol like toners or astringents . Look for alcohol-free alternative or skip them altogether. Many experts argue that the toner is no longer necessary.
  10. Hydrate for your health, but not for your skin : If you’ve heard it once, you’ve heard it a thousand times : Drinking water helps the skin stay young looking . In fact, it is a myth . Water is good for your health in general, and “the skin of who will benefit from severe dehydration fluid. But the average person’s skin does not reflect the amount of water being drunk , ” Kenneth Bielinski, MD, a dermatologist in Oak Lawn , Ill., Tells WebMD ” This is a very common mistake. “

Laplante agrees. “I see clients at the spa who drink their 10 to 12 glasses of water a day and still Superdry leather. This is simply not do so much. ”

Winter Beauty Tips,Preventing Dry Skin in Winter
It’s hard to believe that the Winter months are almost upon us. It’s important to take good care of your skin all year round – it’s the largest organ in the body!5 Tips For Preventing Dry Skin This Winter,Winter Beauty Tips

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