How to Pick the Right Makeup Colors for Your Skin Tone

For many of us , choosing the right color can be one of the biggest challenges we face when it comes to make up. With so many gorgeous colors on the market, find the color that suits your skin tone can seem a daunting task at best. Even women have experienced in the make-up can feel overwhelmed at times. Blush is meant to be a natural and subtle looking makeup . Too much can make us look clownish , too little and we look blurred.How To Choose Make Up For Your Skin Tone, Beauty Tips from a Beauty Pro

Knowing your skin tone is the key to finding a shade that will work perfectly for you. To help you, we ‘re going to break up into 3 groups , fair skin , medium skin and dark skin. We want to help you choose the perfect shade to help add the perfect blush on the cheeks .Hazel Eye Makeup Tips,How To Choose Make Up For Your Skin Tone

Everyone should have at least two colors to choose from , peach and pink. Thus, you have a choice of colors regardless of the make-up you are going. In this tutorial we ‘re going to give you the best options for both plus the perfect flawless finish marker to add your cheek .

How To Choose Make Up For Your Skin Tone

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Well you fare skin babies , you know who you are. If you burn easily , get freckles if your burn, or if you have porcelain skin , then you fall into this category. Choosing the perfect shade for your skin , remember the lighter the better .

The angular blush brush like a blush brush Makeup Geek, tap off the excess of ” shaking off ” the end of a finger brush . This will get rid of any unwanted excess on your hands and keep you from applying to much on your cheeks . If you belong to a lot, use a blender and the beauty of the area is easy to roll , it will take any unwanted pigment on the cheeks.

Apply color on the apple cheeks and blend back to the temple . To highlight your cheeks you want to pick up something for light skin is a light champagne color . You choose liquid or powder form , is completely up to you and really a matter of what you are more comfortable using . In stressing the brush like a makeup brush Geek Marker cheek, apply directly over the marker to where you put blush . This will add just the right amount of shimmer to the cheeks .

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Medium skin tones are the most common with 80% of all women who fall into this category. Best blush for medium skin toned home Rosie and deep pink peach . If you choose a color that is to light it can make you look ashy , nothing dark make you look clownish .

With angled blush brush like a blush brush Makeup Geek, apply blush on the apples of your cheeks and blend back . Again, remember, when you apply for a lot you can enter with a sponge or a mix of beauty and color to roll to pick up some of the excess pigment in the skin. For illumination on the average skin tone, it is best to use warm pale gold or gold. Do not use the color of champagne or a light color, it will look like a cold on the skin.

Depending on the type of marker you choose, you can use a brush or clean fingers allocated to stroke the marker on the right above the cheekbones blush . The markers used here has a small amount of shimmer it using matte shimmer blush allows you to control and place it where you want it to be. You do not want your cheeks to be overdone . Remember that you must cheeks look as if they have a natural glow to them.

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OK You have a beautiful dark-skinned doll, it’s your turn . For your skin, choose a color from pink to deep orange . When choosing a shade that is born will make your skin look washed out and pale. You want to enhance the natural beauty of your skin.

Just as before, use angle blush brush , a blush brush makeup master, be sure to tap off any excess from the brush by clicking on the brush with your finger. Carefully apply color on apples and stir cheeks back toward hairline.

Remember, you just want your cheeks glow. Cheek lights with gold color is stunning. Using champagne color will look to frosty against the skin . Using two clean fingers , apply a gold color to the top of the cheekbones above where you put blush . Use a sponge or beauty blender and blend color into the skin for a perfect dewy finish.

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