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How to Natural Skin Whitening Treatments

Market with skin whitening creams and lotions and millions of things you can use to get clear, beautiful skin, but can not say that will work for your skin safely, I’m not saying they do not work, only I am saying they are too strong for the skin of our face and can be harmful if you experience side effects and unilateral effects we get from the chemicals and things like that, it takes years to fetch heel, today we will share some skin whitening treatments you can try at home without any side effects for sure.

How to Natural Skin Whitening

How to Natural Skin Whitening Treatments

First I will try to give a simple introduction to the things that you get from your home and your kitchen and are very good for the skin, no matter what you do, never hurt you, and that the introduction will help in the when you have time to care for your skin, but without any prescription so you just need to know what is good for the skin.

There are a lot of things not only help you look good, but also will make her feel very soft, here is a list of treatments your skin whitening, lemon juice, yogurt, honey, tomato pulp, fresh fruit, milk coconut, sandalwood powder, oatmeal any whole grain dust, no citrus fruit is good for our skin and any juicy fruit is good for moisturizing and maintaining healthy now will share some with you for mask beautiful skin.
I always say that the fruits of use and essential oils to look and feel good and citrus fruits are very good for beautiful skin.

lemon juice

Homemade pineapple pulp mask and coconut milk is very good for clear skin smooth and beautiful so that you only have to take 1 cup fresh pineapple pulp and then add 1 cup coconut milk and then mix it until it becomes a smooth paste and then wash your face and I would use muslin cloth and warm water to wash your face before all and any kind of mask tab and then dry your face and sit in front of your mirror with your mask and take some clean cotton or linen strip and dip them in the mixture and then spread throughout the face and completely covers her face and neck, then lay on his back for as long as possible from 20 to 120 minutes, it is very good for the skin, for your eyelashes and lips, their faces this luxury magical treatment and then remove it from your face and rub off and wash your face with warm water and dry and you can do it three times a week for a skin just beautiful and soft.


Lemon, honey and face yogurt Package: – normally add me honey in anything skincare that I apply in my face or my body and so I always pick a thinking and pure honey and to get clear skin look better, then You need to take a spoonful of yogurt, honey and fresh lemon juice and mix well, breaking bristle lime and then apply the entire face and neck or shoulders and then let it dry for 20-45 minutes, scrub and wash it off with cold water if you have oily skin and worm water if skin complicated.

tomato juice

Sandalwood powder, lemon and tomato juice is a magic skin whitening treatments if you want to look good for something you will attend once a week and can be used every day in the evening for 45-60 minutes, but never rub over your face, do not rub the sandalwood powder on her face, no matter how smooth look and feel, is wooden and never rub the wood in our skin, so just apply with soft hands and wash it under running water to make this mask simply mix fresh squeeze of lemon juice and tomato in it and make a smooth paste and apply it all over your face with soft hands and let dry thoroughly and then wash with running water, it is best if you can stay under running water and let the water take it off.

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