How to Make Your Face Look Younger 10 Steps

Sunny days are coming to an end in today throughout the summer, sun, sea, chlorinated pool waters wear our skin , care needs .Presented below are some simple tips that you can use to make your skin look younger

A, C, fresh carrots are rich in vitamin E , beta -carotene, found in abundance in apricots and tomatoes very important to consume . They contain vitamins and antioxidant values are very high and they can fight sun damage to the skin foods.10 things your dermatologist can do to make you look younger

In summer season, your skin loses water after the sun and the sea . Back in the fall of this moisture your skin with the reactions tells you what you want . High mineral content of your skin tonics and should use moisturizers with high water content . Skin moisture content is very important , especially in the transition seasons . Write because our skin is affected by UV rays and autumn comes blackened , bronzed, becomes dry and wrinkled . Gradually cooling the air with the water content of the skin is suddenly reduced,Your Face Look Younger.

How to Make Your Face Look Younger 10 StepsPore Minimizer is the quick and easy way to get younger healthier looking skin.


Skin-renewing foods

In the fall and winter months , you should continue to use sunscreen products . That of daylight hours in all seasons and that the skin is exposed to UV rays and aging remember that,Your Face Look Younger.

To refresh the skin , which slows aging vitamins found naturally in food needed to ?

  • Beta Carotene : spinach , lettuce, cabbage , broccoli, cantaloupe, peaches, carrots , apricots.

  • Lutein: green leafy vegetables, egg yolks, animal fats .

  • Lycopene : Tomatoes, watermelon , red grapefruit .

  • Quercetin : Apples , grapes, lemons, tomatoes , onions, lettuce, broccoli , kale, cotton seed, tea, red wine, cold drinks, ginko biloba, olive oil, propolis .

  • Vitamin A: liver , butter, milk, cheese, egg yolk.

  • Vitamin E: Vegetable oils .

  • Vitamin C: Parsley, strawberries, lemons, tomatoes , purslane .

  • Omega- 3 – polyunsaturated fatty acids: fish oil .

  • Resveratrol: grape skins , peanuts , red wine, mulberries .

  • Tea polyphenols : green tea .

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