How to Make Makeup Stay on Oily Skin

Having oily skin is sometimes fun because many people say that the owners of oily skin younger and did not have time wrinkles. True or not, with oily skin is actually more of a hassle than owners of normal skin.

Makeup Stay on Oily Skin

How to Make Makeup Stay on Oily Skin

Makeup quickly fade and the face looks shiny oily skin often uncomfortable owners. Two issues that make you have to carefully restore the face so as not fat plus wax paper .. re makeup. In order for the problem, of course, but let oily skin during the day, too, is not a wise decision.

How to Make Makeup Stay on Oily Skin1

In order for your oily face is not too distracting and make the makeup last longer, choose the make-up of equipment below:

Use a solid foundation, or form as a solid powder.

Avoid cosmetics that contain glitter or shimmer. Choose makeup (eye shadow, blush or lipstick) matte so that it does not look even brilliant.

Choose a product that can absorb excess oil on the face.

Use moisturizing products that are water-based, rather than oil.

Products that use alcohol it can make the skin rough and thick, but long-term use will make the skin more oily.

Always make sure the wax paper. If a person beginning a fat, wax paper pat. This is better than changing lubricant powder because it can clog the pores.

Those are some tips for owners of oily skin? Do you have any other tips? Please share in the comments

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