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How to Lose Weight Fast with Exercise at Home

Excessive weight may be the cause of cardiovascular diseases , diabetes , high blood pressure increases the risk of many diseases. In recent years, an increase rate of obesity in type of diet is much physical activity is known to play an important role in the reduction . Currently , many methods to lose weight, despite certain , most people fail at weight control.Exercise Plan to Lose Weight Fast

With the advancement of age and physical activity , changes in metabolism , which slows people gain weight easier. Thus, instead of being taken to give weight , unhealthy weight gain should be prevented in advance.What is the best exercise for weight loss

5 Reasons Why Your Ab Training Isn’t Working

How to Prevent Cramps While You Exercise,7 Signs You May Be Over Exercising1. Your workout routine makes you eat too much .

Is your workout causing you to use the “I burned it , I deserve it ” excuse when it comes to your diet? ” Studies show that people tend to eat more calories when they occupy exercise , “said Michelle Olson, Ph.D., professor of exercise science at Auburn University Montgomery, and creator of the perfect legs, buttocks and Abs DVD.

2. Your training completely removes you.

This class camp 5:00 am killer boot seemed a great way to get in shape , so why not interrupt the pounds ? If your workout leaves you feeling completely drained , exhausted , sore , and just want to lie on the couch for the rest of the day, it could do more harm than good , says Alex Figueroa, a personal trainer and fitness instructor in a sports club / LA in Boston, Massachusetts. While your workouts should be challenging , pushing your body too hard can have the opposite effect on your body. Over training can cause everything from sugar cravings , a weakened immune system , and insomnia – all of which can contribute to weight gain .

3. Your training burns fewer calories than you think.

Feeling pretty righteous when the treadmill says you burned 800 calories ? Not so fast, cautions Olson. Unusually high calorie burn reading is rare, Olson says, and most machines overestimate readings by as much as 30 percent.

” Many machines do not require you to put in your body weight , and thus , the output of calories is often based on ” reference weight “is often used in science 155 pounds ,” says Olson. ” So if you weigh 135 pounds , for example , you would not burn as many calories as someone on the reference mass. ”

And even those who use the heart rate may not be accurate either. “Machines that include hand activity (eg , stairs stepper or elliptical ) can cause a higher heart rate compared with the legs only for the machine as a treadmill , but it’s not usually because you burn more calories ,” says Olson . ” Studies have shown that the same level of calorie burning , heart rate will be much higher when using weapons against the legs, and you can even be burning fewer calories , despite a high heart rate . ”

4. Your training is not balanced.

Of course, we love Zumba as well as you do, but that does not mean that all you need to do to stay in shape. “Diversity is not only the spice of life , but the key to getting better , leaner, stronger body ,” says Olson. ” There is not one activity that can give you everything you need . ”

Doing only cardio or strength workout over and over again means that you sacrifice the opportunity to build muscle mass and challenge your body in new ways (translation: burn more calories doing something new), and you can pay for it.

5. Your training is completely obsolete.

If you were to take the same class body sculpting , using the same weights 3 – pound week after week ? Grab some heavy dumbbells to increase your calories and build more fat blasting muscle, recommends Sonrisa Medina , group fitness manager for Equinox fitness – clubs in Miami, Florida . And while you’re at it , try a class you’ve never done ( like yoga or Pilates ) to stimulate your body in new ways.

Why is it so important to switch things ? Doing the same workout routine over and over again means that your body does not have to work as hard to implement it in a few weeks . “We have to learn” how to do any activity and movements , “says Olson. “The more ” lessons ” we have , the easier the work of our bodies , which means that you actually burn fewer calories than you did when the activity or your routine was new to you . ”


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