How To Darken Eye Brows Naturally At Home

It is mandatory for women to always look good and stylish anytime, anywhere. Maybe you’re upset now, because you do not have the slightest idea of how to darken the eyebrows, and no one will help you and show you how to get it. For those who have brown hair blond eyebrows, but tend to want to make eyebrows look the same with the hair.

 Eye Brows Naturally At Home

 Eye Brows Naturally At Home

Now there is a natural way, which can make your eyebrows look darker . The method is simple and can be tried at home. Below are some steps that you can try

Step by Step Plan for Perfect dark eyebrows:

Step by Step Plan for Perfect dark eyebrows

  • Clean your eyebrows and then dried.
  • Comb your eyebrows using spoolie
  • The use of color inside the first half of the forehead. Make sure you make your hair thicker and denser on the inner half .
  • Wait about a minute or two minutes , then apply a little more color to the eyebrows, to make sure that it is colored perfectly.
  • Clean up the edges with a sharp Q-Tip. Before proceeding to the next step , wait a few minutes until you see the color begins to change.

How To Darken Eye Brows Naturally At Home

  • The use of color to the outer part .
  • Clean up the edges again with acute Q-Tip. Wait 5 to 10 minutes. If it’s darker than you succeed, but if it does not you can put a little more color in your eyebrows with your spoolie.
  • To remove the remainder of the numbers , the use of dark towel with warm water.

Check the results of your work.

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