How to Control Hair Loss in a Natural Way?

These days the problem of hair loss seems to be very common and it affects men and women. You need to identify a factor that causes hair loss and hair loss control, follow advice on your particular problem.

How to Control Hair Loss

How to Control Hair Loss in a Natural Way

While it is normal for any person to lose hair on a daily basis, but it becomes a matter of concern if there is a significant increase in hair loss. Causes of hair loss can be due to poor diet, genetics, hormonal changes in the body, long-term illness, after surgery and dander is one of the most common causes of hair loss.

How to Control Hair Loss in a Natural Way1

Follow the simple and natural way to prevent or control hair loss:

Regular massage of the scalp with warm oil helps stimulate the hair to fall out, and it also helps in hair growth.

Crack the egg and separate the yolk from the white. Put the yolks in a small bowl and beat the yolks with a fork for 10 seconds. Apply egg yolk area of ​​hair loss. Yolk allow to dry for one hour, then wash the hair to remove the yolk.

Apply the juice extracted from crushed coriander (Dhania) leaves. You can also use a mixture of curd and gram flour (Chana Ata), which must be kept for at least an hour before bathing.

Do not comb your hair back and do not use dry hair often.

Do not wash your hair with very hot water. You may prefer warm water to wash your hair.

Pour 1/2 cup olive oil in a small bowl and add 1 teaspoon of cumin with olive oil. Mix oil and cumin completely. Rub the mixture into the area of ​​hair loss.

The mixture was allowed to dry for 30 minutes. Rinse your hair with fresh water.Keeping hair clean is one of the important means to combat hair loss. Regular washing of hair keeps the scalp clean and this, in turn, promotes healthy growth of hair roots.

Do not comb your hair when the hair is wet. For drying the hair gently rub or wipe your hair with a towel.

Take fresh hibiscus leaves / flowers predominantly red and grind it into a paste. Apply this paste over the entire length of the hair, leave on for 30 minutes and then wash your hair. This is a great way to combat hair loss.

Rubbing fingers scalp hair after washing with cold water for a few minutes improves blood circulation in the scalp.

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