How to choose watches for plus-size women

Who said plus sized watches can’t look trendy like any other watches out there!  Accessories are being introduced to the curvy woman with both elegance and style.  You can now wear an accessory that makes you proud to show your wristsand complements your outfit.

Tasteful designs are growing in multitudes.  Take a look at your local mall and you will see a plethora of styles geared towards a more curvaceous body.  If you have larger wrists, here is how you can choose a watch that fits and looks good.

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Choose a Size that Fits

Pain doesn’t have to equal beauty.  You want an accessory around your wrist that doesn’t cause pain and discomfort.   In addition, your watch shouldn’t pinch your wrists.  Watch out for the tightness, and looseness, of the fit.  Measuring your wrists with a tape measure is a good idea. Add a ¼ of an inch or so to give some room for comfort and movement.

It may take some trial and error to adjust your watch but you can also take your measurements to a jewelry store. Here you can let them take care of the adjustments for you.

If you have time to take on a DIY project, grab a screwdriver and get to work. All you need is a screwdriver. Then remove the extra chain links using a mini screwdriver.


Experiment with Color

When it comes to plus size watches, you don’t have to stick to standard colors!  Fear not, curvy women can wear cute colors too.  For instance, rose gold is a fantastic addition to any wardrobe.  You want to wear colors that compliment your skin tone and highlight your wrists.   If you don’t want the watch to take over the rest of the outfit, choose a more subtle color.


Design Matters

When you choose the design, you want the face of the watch to be, at most, medium sized.  I like looking at a woman’s watch and thinking how nice the design is rather than how small the watch looks on her.  For the trendy plus size woman, you want the face of the watch to be more of a square or rectangular shape.  Anything with angular features gives your wrists a more chiseled look.

The Price is Right

You really don’t have to break the bank to look good.  Once you know what looks great on you, it’s all about finding the best quality at your desired budget.  You can hunt for different looks on watches here.


Looking good is all about trying to understand your body shape.  From here you can start to highlight areas you’d like to show off. Plus size watches help you play up your wrists while showing off your outfit.  Always have your eyes open for different cuts and shapes to experiment with.  Why hide your gorgeous wrists when you have something cute on your wrists!

It’s time to dive into great looking watches that make fashion statements. While you’re at it, why not throw some bangles, charms and bracelets? Make it an arm candy moment for your arms!


Bio: Zhuang Ping is a freelance writer.  In her spare time she likes to roam the beach and hunt for great deals. Zhuang loves big watches worn with black stripes.  You can choose and buy watches for women at You can find her comfortable in jeans wearing a ponytail and some high heels.

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