How To avoid Foot Odor with Easy Tips

Outside the workplace, on the street, even at home even today there are people wearing shoes . To dress this way all day, our skin is tired , of course , causes our skin to sweat .

How To avoid Foot Odor

How To avoid Foot Odor


If sweating over time gives rise to the formation of bad odors . Foot odor is one of the unpleasant odors . In fact, we can say that income at the beginning of unwanted odors . So how you can get rid of foot odor smell like ? How to troubleshoot sweating and unwanted foot odor ?

Foot Odor What Are The Causes ?

How To avoid Foot Odor

Daily life for many reasons , many people sweat. High temperatures cause sweating in the summer , while in winter dress in layers to prevent chills, sweating is one of the main causes . In particular, underarms, feet, hands , genitals regions where intensive work much like the sweat glands , often sweat. But some people sweating is not related to the warming of the air . Hormones, inherent reasons , excitement and adrenaline is among the reasons sweating . During adolescence, young people often sweat. This sweating like foot odor also causes the formation of unwanted odors .

How to Troubleshoot 300×224 feet Foot Odor ? Foot Odor How to Prevent ?

How To avoid Foot Odor

To avoid this unwanted foot odor should actually primarily to prevent sweating . If blocked, it prevents perspiration odor . Because the smell of sweaty allowing bacteria live in environments .

To deodorize your feet to provide an antiperspirant Avoid wearing tight shoes . Shoes with thick skin perspiration can provide . Avoid wearing clothing , so this .
To deodorize your shoes from your feet at night so mineral water , pour soda . Wait until the next day . Get a bit of mineral water will help prevent odor .
Use petroleum jelly or cream to prevent the odor will help you get a piece .
Black tea brew tea after remaining feet slid wait up to 10 minutes . Then delete it. This is another method to reduce foot odor .
How to Troubleshoot 300×199 foot odor Foot Odor ? smell your feet to avoid fungus on your skin , be careful not occur . If you wear the shoes of others increases the rate of the .

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