How To Apply Foundation on Bridal Face


Foundation , providing smoothness to your face and make it ready to go. Smooth -looking skin and makeup foundation for a successful outcome in the selection is very important . Use of the foundation, structure and color must be suited to your skin type and color , select the color of your skin color to a lighter foundation would be more accurate . Foundation always applied on the skin should be clean and humidified .Top 4 Suggestions for Bridal Makeup

* Compact foundation foundation for all outside applications while driving , use your fingertips . Used to increase the temperature of the foundation both for the fluidity becomes easier to eat the skin as well as the resistance increases . Most importantly, provides a more natural look .

* Makeup your forehead , nose , cheeks and chin splotched crawl. Start with small amounts , if necessary, you have to add . Too much , as it would complicate the expulsion effect creates the mask .

* Your skin by applying pressure with your fingers all over my face towards the center to the edge in your publication. Neck and ears right color to eat well.

* Percent color on your eyelids and eyes to ensure integrity in the bottom ( without touching the lashes ) crawl.

* If you want professional results , right out of the face with a damp sponge go over the foundation .

* Other applications before proceeding to the foundation, wait a while for your skin firmly . Although you can not take a new foundation for acne or complete closure may have under-eye circles . A concealer ( concealer ) and you need to fix these errors .


Powder makeup is indispensable . Matte skin , ensures the integrity and foundation constants . There are two types : Dust powders, the structure has a very slim and lightweight , matte foundation and provides a transparent view . If compact powders , and ease of transport is more preferred due . Makeup fix and are ideal for day to retouch ; than loose powder powdered give a result . If you are using Application

* Dust powder puff for application preference. ( PomPom or a cotton pad between the open and putting a little loose powder puffs around you can do. )

* Powder with light strokes , apply to entire face . Later, a large brush taken redundancy.

* Compact is best to use a brush for dusting . When applying powder brush on your face with fast moving left to right and top to bottom to circulate . Thus, the powder will be distributed evenly to your face .

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